Hillary’s Election Fraud

2 05 2016

If Anybody Still Needs Proof of Clinton Election Fraud This is Another Article of Hundreds

By Spencer Gundert

” . . . . As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. mentioned, research shows that exit polls are almost always spot on. When one or two are incorrect, they could be statistical anomalies, but the more incorrect they are, the more it substantiates electoral fraud.

This is shown by the data, which is extremely suspicious: discrepancies in eight of the sixteen primaries favoring Clinton in voting results over exit polling data are outside of the margin of error. That’s half of them outside the margin of error: 2.3% greater in Tennessee, 2.6% in Massachusetts, 4% in Texas, 4.7% in Mississippi, 5.2% in Ohio, 6.2% in New York, 7% in Georgia, and 7.9% in Alabama.

This is extremely, extremely abnormal. “


b_on_wheels SEE ALSO – Hillary Plays Dirty Pool at Election Time – e-mail PROOF!— with extras in the comments





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18 05 2016

23 05 2016

Zero Hedge – Mad About Rigged Elections? Mainstream Media Says “You” Are The Problem

” In fact, suspect happenings at nearly every primary and caucus so far oddly favor the former secretary of state — and Nevada stood as further testament to why voters are practically up in arms over what appears to be electoral favoritism.”

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