Crappy Spent Fuel Casks at Indian Point Threaten Millions

4 05 2016

Mining Awareness
oldNPPsmMishap with a Nuclear Spent Fuel Cask Could Cause Many Caskets: Holtec at Indian Point Evacuation Concerns; Holtec Routinely Requests and Gets “Amendments” Further Reducing Safety

Entergy’s proposal involves storing the casks on an open concrete storage pad with no overhead protection! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!”

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NEW! Mining Awareness US NRC Commission Requires Re-Analysis of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Station Near NYC; A NY AG Win on Indian Point?

Mining Awareness +

Alongside the better known old, defective, Indian Point nuclear power station near New York City lurks a lesser known menace.
Warsaw coffins CC-BY-3.0, Attribution:  Photo by Tom Oates, 2013, via wikipedia
You’ve seen the narrow one-lane Route 9 that serves two lanes of traffic and serves as the main evacuation route for so many who live and work around Indian Point. You’ve seen the traffic congestion in off-hours and the dangerous roads that lead across Bear Mountain Bridge. You’ve seen that the lines on the map really are not lots of roads, but small country lanes leading to nowhere… So, we ask that you take our concerns about the proposed dry cask storage system very seriously. In today’s environment, a minor mishap with a cask could cause many caskets!” (Thomas J. Abinanti, Westchester County Board of Legislators, 2004)
Indian Point Chernobyl Exclusion Zone overlay Greenpeace creative commons
Buchanan NY, home to Indian Point Nuclear Power Station, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone overlay via Greenpeace: (Interactive map at the original…

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5 05 2016

Once things blow there’s no evacuation plan …. how can anyone evacuate if they have to shelter-in-place?

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