The Fall of the Saudi Arabia

10 05 2016

Bin Nayef, Other Members of Al Saud “Main Drug Dealers”: Mujtahid

Saudi Whistle-Blower: Bin Salman Caught in Yemen Quagmire

Saudi Whistleblower: “Muhammad Bin Nayef” US Redline

Ansarullah Furious at US Military Build-up in Yemen

Sayyed Nasrallah: The Mask Fell from Saudi Arabia

Source: Qatar, Jordan to Replace UAE in Saudi-led War on Yemen

Saudi King Reshuffles Cabinet, Sacks Oil Minister

Yemeni Rebels Refuse to Participate in Kuwait Peace Talks Meeting


And this – Panama Papers: Saudi Arabia king sponsored Netanyahu’s campaign


Earlier post – Saudi Arabia is committing genocide in Yemen
Neutron bomb used on Yemen (photos composite)




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12 05 2016

Other people in the region have always thought badly of the Saudis. And, people who worked there always had terror stories of westerners thrown in jail for no sensible reason who came out with serious traumatic scarring.

12 05 2016

I thought I had a copy of ‘House of Saud’ by Sumners here somewhere … I will look for it.

12 05 2016
The Fall of the Saudi Arabia | Dublinmick's Breaking News

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30 10 2016
The Fall of the Saudi Arabia | An Alchemist's Journey....

[…] Source: The Fall of the Saudi Arabia […]

30 10 2016

Note – the animation was made by doing soft dissolves of a few clear, well sourced photos…. so the timing is guess-timate (not a film of the explosion).
But it is obviously a nuclear weapon.

23 02 2018

That Saudi funded Netanyahu certainly looks more and more true.

23 02 2018

Wish they’d fund me …. I could use a few mill …. just to put a decent roof on! I would put little Exxon ads on the sidebar for people to ignore!

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