Is Yellowstone About to Blow???

21 05 2016

MOUND is RISING at Yellowstone + Weird Lights Explained, … ,more

WheepingWillow2 has ALL the astounding news in THIS VIDEO!

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21 05 2016
Paveway Mk IV

The mound was always there – it looks more distinct and pronounced with the light snow covering. When the snow melts, it’s difficult to see the contours but they’re still there. The ‘cracks’ are not cracks. Again, they’re contour features that were always there but become less (or more) distinct depending on the snow cover.

They would evacuate the whole basin if a mound like that developed out of the blue. It didn’t – it’s been there for decades. There’s not much topsoil over the rock there. A mound like that suddenly developing would mean very hard, dense rock was being bent. That doesn’t happen.

And while I appreciate WeepingWillow2’s efforts, she should know that the Park Service (or whomever) does rounds of the basin in a pickup truck every hour or two. Many of the flashes are either the truck headlights behind the geysers lighting them up as the truck drives down the winding roads behind them, or they’re flashes from the truck spotlight from the parking lot to the left. They pan their spotlight across Old Faithful and the surrounding geysers to see if there’s any kids monkeying around them or some idiot driving up to them. This happens every night, multiple times per night.

It’s not obvious what the source of the light is, but it is NOT from earthquakes or lava. At one point, the truck stops (from the camera’s perspective) somewhere way behind the geyser on a distant park road. They sit there for a while with the headlights pointing towards Old Faithful. Many people believe that’s some kind of natural phenomena, but it’s not. You can see it nearly every night it’s clear out there on the camera. Eventually, this stationary bright light will move to the right (camera perspective) as the truck continues down whatever road is behind the geyser in the treeline.

21 05 2016

WW2 says she has video from a year ago showing NO mound.
But … I am not living near by.
I do know there is a big effort to
hide quakes
comment on blogs to deny anything out of the ordinary
Deny weird lights are weird
Claim all kinds of spooky activity by tourists involving fairly high-watt lights at night

I will say this (not living at Yellowstone), WW2 is dead on with observations on Fukushima live cams and she is trustworthy.

Feel free to send 1 year old pix or video link to show the cracked mounds at Old Faithful.

ALL opinions welcome here (you do not have to agree with me).

22 05 2016

I have followed Mary Greeley and, for several years and post their postings, She has taken her information from the University of Utah and recently the seismograph monitors were only posted for the 24 hour before and not current. Now, she has indicated that for the ordinary person, the information is inaccessible. To myself, it speaks volumes that something is happening that we are not supposed to be aware.

22 05 2016

Usually when they repair or upgrade a website (anyone, not just USGS etc.) they put up a placeholder page saying they are under repairs….
Something is wrong out that way.
WheepingWillow2 (YouTube channel) calls them up and gets the info. And it doesn’t jibe with simple website repair or low staffing.

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