Hillary Engineered Election Fraud in Haiti

22 05 2016

Democracy denied: US turning Haiti into another vassal state
Cynthia McKinney –

(Dec. 2015)  “Haiti is currently in the midst of an electoral crisis because the US wants to dictate who the next president will be. In 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interfered in Haiti’s election results denying the people their right of self-determination.  According to the previous (and now current) head of Haiti’s Presidential Electoral Commission (EC), Pierre Louis Opont, the EC had prepared election results to be publicized; those results were passed on to Cheryl Mills, the Chief of Staff of then-Secretary Clinton. But, instead of announcing the two winners, who would then compete in a runoff, Mills announced a completely different result. Opont and the remaining Commission members were shocked, but said or did nothing at the time and allowed the fraudulent result to stand.”


And this bombshell – “…Tony Rodham, the Secretary’s brother, was awarded a contract to mine Haitian gold. Tony Rodham has no special insights into gold mining except that he is Hillary Clinton’s brother.”





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22 05 2016

22 05 2016
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22 05 2016

For the most recent elections: Moise Jean Charles of Platfom Pitit Desalin is apparent true heir to the Aristide movement (based on my now dated research). Maryse Narcisse was the official Fanmi Lavalas candidate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haitian_presidential_election,_2015–16 Martelly and Lamothe got oil from Chavez and came back from his funeral dressed in red. Bush Sr. removed Aristide. Clinton returned him. Bush Jr. removed Aristide. There are many varied interests within Haiti and without. They’ve become more and more complicated as more and more Haitians have US (and Canadian) citizenship. Anyone who wants to know Haitian politics must study its complex history and keep up on a constant basis as a full-time job and preferably listen to Creole radio, have a trusted source, and at least understand French, along with English. Haitians claim that Jimmy Carter declared Marc Bazin president instead of Aristide in ?1991?, but that they took to the streets and forced him to declare Aristide President. That would have been under Bush Sr.

For Angelo Viard-VCS, the Morne Bossa permit is from 2009 and may be seen here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/haiti-morne-bossa-gold-missing It is Delta Mining in Haiti. The gold was known and discovered hundreds of years ago. It’s not renewable. However, they can make money on the Canadian stock market pretending there is gold. Bellerive who signed this was believed corrupt in relation to earthquake monies.

Hilllary’s brother was appointed in 2013 to the VCS board: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/role-of-hillary-clintons-brother-in-haiti-gold-mine-raises-eyebrows/2015/03/20/c8b6e3bc-cc05-11e4-a2a7-9517a3a70506_story.html

Interestingly, he was once married to Nicole Boxer, the daughter of Senator Barbara Boxer of California: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/11/us/politics/tony-rodhams-ties-invite-scrutiny-forhillary-and-bill-clinton.html

Angelo Viard campaign donations: “Within a pile of strange facts unearthed in relation to the mining, the strangest and most interesting of all are the US campaign contributions of VCS Mining’s Angelo Viard:  Angelo Viard (VCS Group, Inc.) gave $17,600 to the 2010 California Senate Democratic campaign (i.e. Barbara Boxer) on May 13, 2010.  He also gave $17,600 on May 6, 2010 to the election PAC “Act Blue” who, in turn, contributed to Barbara Boxer.  Angelo is listed as number 29 for largest “Act Blue” donors Nation-wide in the US in 2010 and number 9 for California “Act Blue” donors.  He also gave $2,300 in 2008 to Hillary Clinton for President, a more typical donation of an average “rich person” who wants access to the halls of power.  And, in 2012 he gave $2,500 to Haitian Rudy Moise for Congress, even though Rudy ran in Florida and Angelo was living in North Carolina (Martelly voiced support for Rudy).  The mystery of this $35,200 campaign donation by Angelo resides in a) How did he get that amount of money? and b) Why did he donate it?  There is nothing in Angelo Viard’s background to suggest that he, a married father of two, living in a high cost location (California) would have an extra $35,200 to throw around, based on what is known of his employment, although this remains possible.  This leads us to suspect that it came from a) Morne Bossa Mine or b) funneling money from other parties, most likely Haitian super-elites, to US Senator Barbara Boxer or c) money- laundering or d) any combination of these.  It could also be that he comes from an ultra-rich family.  However, we doubt this due to the modesty of his former California condo.  Regardless of the source, what might he want?  Surely this must have something to do with Senator Barbara Boxer serving on the powerful US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Haiti.” https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/haitian-senate-demands-temporary-stay-against-mining-will-martelly-lamothe-respond/
By access to the halls of power, I mean access to talk to them.

22 05 2016

I forgot to say that Preval’s long been separate from Aristide. And, he was probably never really part of the Aristide movement. So, I don’t think she’s updated her info since around 20 years ago. Search for Preval in my blog.
I think he was anti-Duvalier and tied into pro-American mulatto elite. His wife had some interesting ties. I think she was married to Marc Bazin. But, it’s in my early posts.

22 05 2016

When Clinton “returned” Aristide it was virtually under house arrest. He was kept prisoner in a house with no outside communication.
Also good short history is “The Uses of Haiti” by Paul Farmer.

23 05 2016

Yes, that is a good book. If he were under house arrest Bush wouldn’t have sent him out of the country to Africa. I don’t think he was under house arrest until he came back the last time, under Obama. I’m talking about Bill Clinton. Maybe you are blaming Hillary for Obama policy? The PM holds much of the power in Haiti, anyway, so Bill didn’t need to remove Aristide. What destroyed Aristide was having children. When it was just him there was nothing which could be held over his head. I followed Aristide since before he was elected, when most hadn’t heard of him. Farmer’s been criticized recently, truly or falsely, for ties with someone, probably Clintons. The criticisms coming out of Haiti of Bill Clinton was that he wants to make Haitians work in tourism in jobs Americans would be overjoyed to have (e.g. waiting tables). The praise which came to Clinton in America and support came from building a catfish processing plant (for instance) which Haitians who speak English or French would stick their noses up at. Poor Haitians would probably be happy to get such jobs, as poor Americans are, but not those able to complain in English or French. Charles Evers just said he wanted a catfish processing plant in Mississippi. Haiti has long had rich and poor blacks, urban and rural, a large Arab and smaller Jewish population and even Germans and English. Even America isn’t the dichotomy we are taught though it is closer than Haiti. Each group in Haiti have their own interests and always have. There were creoles of colour, educated in France from the beginning. Even the interests of rural poor and urban poor differ. Urban poor benefitted from cheap Arkansas rice aka Miami rice. It ran rural farmers out of business. Haitian politics is complex. You can see that by the 50 to 100 political parties-candidates. Many more have thrown in the towel. I think the French had a bigger role in running Aristide out than the US. And, probably the Canadians too. Aristide wanted reparations from the French. I think everything anyone needs to know is probably in the first year of my blog, unless things didn’t make it in.

23 05 2016

I followed the Aristide story in Clinton years because Z magazine was covering it. Clinton made sure Aristide was ineffectual.
I say Clinton is a bum in Haiti.
He “raised” over a billion dollars from “donors” for eq relief and built 6 houses and kept the rest. They withheld all the ‘help’ warehoused at the airport and didn’t even distribute water …. just like in Katrina. Digital Globe photos showed the roads were clear and had no people (temp. shelters) blocking them.
L.M. says huge gold find off shore is the reason for the drooling over Haiti, beside the 10 invasions to steal what they had in their banks.
And all those kids stolen from families after the quake facilitated by US. What’s that about? Especially with Bill tied up with that pedo ring of Epstein’s. Not a few trips to sex slave island of his.
I know people who witnessed, in person, Texas-owned slave plantations in Haiti and starving victims’ symptoms dismissed by US state dept. Rich Americans practice slavery in Haiti, steal resources, destroy self sufficiency (just set up Israel to supply “security”) kill leaders, wreck elections and bring in trained paramilitary goon-squads from D.R. next door any time any Haitian leader or priest too big for his britches.

They don’t need hotels. They need a return of all the gold in Citibank’s vaults they stole, reparations from France, and the OAS and USAID and CIA to get out.
They can restore farm lands and build infrastructure themselves if that happens.

23 05 2016

Going back to the Haitian Revolution there has been a Haitian diaspora. Some of the first wave went into New Orleans (as well as back to France). Some of these were probably Creole of colour plantation owners and may have returned-maintained family ties. It helps account for mutually intelligible Creoles of Louisiana and Haiti. And, probably the white Creole speakers in Louisiana. In the couple of waves of departures under the Duvaliers, the people tended to disperse according to the price of travel with the poorest concentrated in Miami, the doctors and other upper classes in Montreal, and New York a sort of mix. There are two Duvalierisms too – one a black nationalism, and the other a mixed race kleptocracy. This second one appears tied in with illegal drug transhipments. Martelly belongs to this last. Also diaspora have always gone to Paris. New Orleans has had both rich and poor and even several churches reflected religion, language, class of Haitian immigrants. With the coup against Aristide, etc., and subsequent events, more went out. Some of the poor have moved up in status. More and more serve in the US military. More and more are English-Creole speakers or trilingual. It’s more and more complicated. And, it was already so complicated that those interested in Haitian politics were on the phone and listening to Creole radio all of the time. What anyone knows about Haiti really comes from who you speak to (and/or observation). In the case of Aristide he has written many books and has an available Ph.D. dissertation. In the past I spoke with coup-makers against Aristide and Aristide people, with old mulatto elite, and newer black elite. There are upper classes and middle classes of all varieties. Some go to Haiti with good intention (e.g. planting trees) and throw their hands up, for instance, after peasants pull up said trees. Anything bad in Haiti has easy complicity of some Haitian group or pol. One has to always be aware of the social class, family background and beliefs and aspirations of one’s informant – and in all groups people are know to lie and deceive. This is why people need to watch-dog their own backyards more and other backyards less.

US pols generally depend on the info they get from English speakers. French pols from French speakers. Kerry is actually bilingual so would have a different view.

Now I believe that the current plan for Haiti is to turn it into a paradise for the rich who evac out after the next nuclear disaster in the US or Europe. They will leave enough poor to be servants. The Caribbean is nuclear free zone.

I’m not so sure, either, that it’s fair to blame Hillary for everything bad that happened under Obama and Bill Clinton. She served under Obama. Doesnt’ ultimate responsibility lie with him? She was the spouse of Bill Clinton. When she got blamed for his not doing well politically when he was booted as Arkansas governor she tried to adapt and took his last name, tried to look more conservative,etc.

Blaming Hillary for things Bill and Obama are responsible for is going to backfire and make people feel sorry for her and vote for her. In fact, it is already. Is that the objective? Are we blaming Kerry for Obama’s policies?

Bill apologized for sending in cheap Arkansas rice to Haiti. The Haitian urban poor were happy to have it though. However, it created more urban poor, as I said.

Truly honest pols are far and few between and virtually non-existent. If they could get the money honestly to run (almost impossible) few can put up with defamation of character.

23 05 2016

I know working class (not rich, not fair) Haitians and they say the same thing … USAID and CARE and US ‘donated’ “aid” winds up being sold are reg. prices in stores run by ruling class. No one ever gets the aid.
6 houses built for a billion dollars by Clinton.
Think of the money flow.
On Florida tv news, why is Cuba boatload of Cubans a welcome event and a boatload of Haitians like a nuclear bomb??
US is no friend of Haiti. Billions looted.
Bill and Hillary are only interested in lining their pockets and digging for gold in Haiti.
My opinion … I forgot to take my invisible pills.

23 05 2016

The Uses of Haiti is right. But, Haitian citizens use and abuse too. Duvalier literally sold poor Haitians to the Dominican Cane Fields. What I’m saying is that some of these “American” planters and thieves are long-standing dual nationals or cousins of nationals who arrived from abroad simultaneously in the US, Latin America and Haiti with the crumbling of the Ottoman Empire or other reasons or probably even earlier. Some are German and English but married in with mulatto elites. They have blue eyes sometimes. Also the France thing is complicated because France gave the money to the planters who were expropriated during the Haitian revolution. So, it’s not France itself that owes them. Then you have to see did said Louisiana families manage to keep their money after the US Civil War. And, if those in France kept their money. The disappearance of the gold from the bank would need to be accounted for. In all of these poor countries there are complicit elites. For Haiti complicit elites now live in the US and squeeze Haiti for what they can get out of it. There is major, major racism at play too. Also, classism. The US supported the Arab and mulattos not just because of family ties but because they are light skin or white. That’s why the US started letting in all of the Asians in 1965 I think so they could hire them instead of black people. There is also the language issue. Those who know English and have money get a voice in Washington. I do agree that everyone should get out. But, how far back does the getting out go? Tourism is actually one of the rare honest jobs. I don’t think they could make it on farming alone. Maybe farming and education. That’s for them to decide IMO. My intell is from pro and anti-Aristide people and from pretty much every book in French and English written up until Aristide got in. Also the recent year where I did a lot of genealogy on Haiti. Anti-Duvalier was easy. But, after they got rid of Duvalier many interest groups came out. It is said that after Baby Doc got in everyone figured that if a 19 year old could be President then. Bill Clinton isn’t a racist, but the aspirations of poor white and black Arkansans isn’t the same as Haiti. Most American poor are happy to get any work and not scared to dirty their hands. Clinton’s grandparents ran a store in a black community. One reason the US ended up in Haiti is that Germany was there. Read about the Lueders Affair.

23 05 2016

US has a big interest in gold in the Haitian vault … that they stole when the first landed Marines and looted for Citibank (older name back then).

US and foreign ‘aid’ is often cover for looting and occupation.


Haiti: A New U.S. Occupation Disguised as Disaster Relief?

In Florida the tv news treats Cubans arriving in a small boat like a homecoming and (darker) Haitians arriving in a small boat like plague.

Those fleeing French soldiers Haiti beat in the slave revolt instilled their apartheid system in New Orleans with all those different rules for quadroons etc.
A bad, racist history A to Z with US and Haiti. Haiti was a wealthy trade hub when 13 colonies were still scratching to survive.

23 05 2016

Who was the Texas guy? It wasn’t Harald Simmons was it? You got me thinking again maybe the mining IS a cover for nuclear waste, as I once thought. No reason they can’t have the rich living on the coast and make more mounds of rad waste in the middle, after probably filling in old mines and quarries years ago. Many appear like the Camorra anyway who bury waste in their own back yard as well as everyone else’s.

26 05 2016

OT /
on Tenn. NPP —

23 05 2016

I first read it as offshore. But I think she was talking about the onshore, if you read again. And it is probably long gone.

23 05 2016

USAID is not a donation anyway to my understanding. It becomes part of the debt in Haiti. But US rice was sold for cheaper to the poor, under the price of production in Haiti. I am talking pre earthquake. If the Clintons plundered after the earthquake they were among many including Haitian plunderers.

24 05 2016

Full List Of Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015

28 05 2016

2nd half of this interview …..

9 06 2016

— another mystery death late last year
Brazilian Head of UN Peacekeeping Force in Haiti Dies

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