Indian Point Nuke Plant has Massive Bolt Fail

25 05 2016

Counter Punch –
Indian Point Nuclear Plant: It Doesn’t Take a Meltdown to Harm Local Residents

oldNPPsmThe Indian Point nuclear power plant is located just 35 miles from midtown Manhattan. About 18 million people live within 50 miles of the site. The two reactors at the site are over 40 years old – ancient in nuclear years. Recently Indian Point has been plagued by increasing problems; nearly 25% of the bolts in the reactor vessel were found to be damaged or missing and 65,000% spike in tritium levels [in] one of its test wells. These mechanical problems raise the concern of a catastrophic meltdown. . . .

Nuclear foes renew push to shut plant near Manhattan

white_redRADEnvironmentalists urged US nuclear regulators Tuesday to shut down a nuclear plant near New York after inspections showed an unusually high number of degraded bolts in a reactor.
The problem—uncovered during a maintenance inspection of the Unit 2 reactor at Indian Point in March—showed that 227 of 832 stainless steel bolts in the reactor vessel were degraded, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Anti-Indian Point activists move to shutter nuclear plant through safety-violation claims
30 percent of bolts critical to preventing a nuclear meltdown at Indian Point are broken, damaged, or missing.

Legal Action to Shut Down Indian Point Nuclear Reactors Emergency legal filing to the NRC demands reactor 2 not restart, immediate shut down of reactor 3

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25 05 2016
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26 05 2016
26 05 2016
Indian Point Nuke Plant has Massive Bolt Fail | Dublinmick's Breaking News

[…] Indian Point Nuke Plant has Massive Bolt Fail […]

28 05 2016

hey – check today’s quakes! Big ones!

28 05 2016

28 05 2016

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