Will The Real British Columbia Please Stand Up?

26 05 2016

Is DANA DURNFORD the only MAN there??

whiteRADred90Horrific Fukushima Effects On B.C. Canada Marine Life


LINK –  http://youtu.be/oYma2iATH9o

Rense Interview with Dana and Yochi Shimatsu 5-23-16 [AUDIO]


Strontium Milks

LINK – http://youtu.be/-qDWBE1cwLI





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27 05 2016

It is very blurry. Red is the worst on this? It has Riverbend, which is known to be in bad shape, as green. Riverbend may appear lower because of different geology and rain-cloud cover. The person doing this Rad con should make it public. It would be a legit service to email members or call them in the event of an emergency but it’s not nice to make people be a member to look at the trends online, IMO. It was nice of strontium milks and you to make it available.

27 05 2016

Some data may be from Bob Nichols …

27 05 2016

He doesn’t seem to do the areas that are green around Louisiana. Maybe why they are green? The EPA monitors are in Baton Rouge and Shreveport and Jackson for the River Bend, Waterford, Grand Gulf area I think: https://cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/queryResult.do But, either my internet provider is on strike or they are very, very slow. Jackson is too far from Grand Gulf, which is why it’s there I guess. I guess Shreveport has a monitor because of the weapons? Isn’t there some weapons silo near there? Baton Rouge would be fairly close to River Bend and Waterford.

27 05 2016

That’s odd … my computer connection is super slow all day today.
Maybe it is sun spots.
For more rad monitors go to the top tab on the FC nlog that says ‘Fukushima’. Some choices there …. and for USA, Rense.com is good. It is on the right column.

27 05 2016

PS: I still say send the bad guys to clean up the nuclear waste. We can’t afford to waste man-power with another sort of death penalty. They could be sent to dig a tunnel to hunt for the lost Fukushima corium, but there’s plenty of bad stuff to clean-up in the US and Canada too. Why should cleanup be done by homeless and welfare to work people?

27 05 2016

And while they are away their mansions can be homeless shelters …. I am sure they have those huge kitchens that are on all the tv shows.

28 05 2016
28 05 2016

31 05 2016

Extremely Cautionary Catastrophes: Fukushima And Chernobyl

By Robert Snefjella

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