Clinton Sheen is Wearing Off as Hillary Campaign Stalls

28 05 2016

Today some headlines are telling. Well known crimes and self-serving unethical actions by Bill and Hillary Clinton have been ignored until now.

Here are a few stories trending now – – –

The National Review
The Clintons: New York’s Sixth Crime Family

“While Hillary was at State, Bill was a speech-making machine. He charged up to $750,000 per appearance, often paid by Ericsson, TD Bank, the United Arab Emirates, and other entities with business before the State Department.”

Clinton pal, The New York Times gently scolds:
Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race

” . . . anxiety is spreading through the Democratic Party that Mrs. Clinton is struggling to find her footing.”

The Chicago Tribune opines:
Clinton’s style of deception more insidious than Trump’s

“The State Department’s inspector general just released a report concluding that Hillary Clinton is a breathtakingly brazen and consistent liar.”

NY Post
How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M

It looks like the ring-through-the-nose press is getting tired of the crime duo.



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29 05 2016
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29 05 2016

Zero Hedge:
” . . . The fact that she kept a server made it worse, but both Clinton and [Collin ]Powell clearly violated federal record keeping rules by not turning over copies of their emails when they left office.”


31 05 2016

Wall St. JournalClinton Aide Declines To Answer Questions About Email Server Setup
In a deposition last week, lawyers for Cheryl Mills invoked attorney-client privilege


1 06 2016

Hillary Clinton’s IT Guru Will PLEAD THE FIFTH In Judicial Watch Deposition


3 06 2016

NY Post – Team Hillary’s e-mail defense is just laughable

” . . . .E-mailgate was no such casual gaffe. It was a deliberate and planned conspiracy in which Hillary evaded standard State Department procedures, installed an outlaw personal computer server in the basement of her Chappaqua mansion — 267 miles northeast of Foggy Bottom — and then reportedly paid aide Bryan Pagliano $140,000 to maintain that illicit equipment.

Pagliano’s supervisors, the IG discovered, “were unaware of his technical support of the Secretary’s e-mail system,” including “during working hours.”…”


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