Philly Area Nuke Plant, Limerick, Blows a Gasket < UPDATED

2 06 2016

Operators shut down the Unit 2 reactor at the Limerick nuclear plant in Montgomery County on Wednesday morning because of an electrical component malfunction that impacted the operation of recirculating water pumps, officials said. The recirculating water pumps are one of several systems that cool the reactor. ” RSOE Report

rad33redhmmm … nuke reactor without cooling … where have we heard that before?


Mining Awareness – Did Limerick Nuclear Reactor Scram Due to Another Defective ABB Part?

Was the trip due to an electrical fault at Limerick Nuclear Reactor Unit 2 caused by yet another defective ABB part? ABB is Swedish-Swiss. And, quality assurance, or lack thereof, is the responsibility of the parent company, i.e. ABB. Were defects acceptable when original Swiss Brown Boveri (BBC)-the BB in ABB- was making parts for Nazi submarines? Would it be acceptable in Sweden or Switzerland?

This region seems to be unevacuable in a major nuclear emergency. Most likely many will be told to “shelter in place” . . . “





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3 06 2016
3 06 2016

Thanks! just saw that …. am adding it to my post now… 😉

5 06 2016

There once was a Nuke Plant called Limerick.
The people who ran it were silly dicks!.
They had a SCRAM, the plant when BANG!
Now everyone in Philly is very sick.

5 06 2016

Thanks to lax ruling the NRC
Was fooling almost nobod-ee
Up in P.A., for lack of a relay,
Ol’ Limrick’s cooling had a delay
It lasted a – while
Its isotopes did rile
Now there’s no Delphia or Phil-aye!

M.A. has the mic

17 05 2017


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