Nuke Pro – Clinton, Kissinger, and Radioactive Food From Japan, an Unholy Alliance Poisoning America

2 06 2016

[snip]  Hillary Clinton set this up in 2011, after her discussion with Kissinger, and trip to Japan.  The trip was necessary to say things that could only be said one on one.

What did Kissinger tell her to get from the deal?   What do you think the deal was?

1) whiteRAD_yellRedJapan agreed to keep the “In Japan nuclear weapon program” secret, and pretend to “give back” some 600 pounds of plutonium to USA 

2) Japan agreed to let USA place first strike nuclear weapons in Japan for a pre-emptive attack on China or Russia

3) Japan agreed to stop belly aching about US bases in Japan, and agreed to pay a fee for their “protection money”

4) Japan agreed to support the Core NWO lies about Global Warming and Carbon Tax, and the Transpacific Trade Partnership.    It is essential to get USA and Japan on board for the One World Government.





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3 06 2016
Whole Portion Of Japan Moves During Major Shift-Did You Happen To See This? | Dublinmick's Breaking News

[…] Nuke Pro – Clinton, Kissinger, and Radioactive Food From Japan, an Unholy Alliance Poisoning Amer… […]

3 06 2016

Robert Mann asks Does Hillary Clinton need an extreme personality makeover?

FC says she needs an ETHICS makeover!

3 06 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on A Green Road Daily News.

3 06 2016

Jon Rappoport:
Is the CIA getting ready to dump the Clintons?
How many times are the dynamic duo allowed to wander off the reservation?

4 06 2016

6 06 2016

Zero Hedge – Trump Furious As Obama Administration Blocks Release Of Hillary-TPP Emails Until After Election

8 06 2016

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