4.8 Quake on the Mid Atlantic Ridge – Why it’s SCARY

4 06 2016

USGS – M4.8 – Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge – 6.2 miles deep

It is off Brazil.  MAP


This is super scary because Nuke Pro recently said, Earthquake Alert Re-Upped, 7.2 on the “American Plate” The Whole Plate Is MOVING!

USGS: Perhaps the best known of the divergent boundaries is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge….

UK, Geological Soc.The Mid Atlantic Ridge, like other ocean ridge systems, has developed as a consequence of the divergent motion between the Eurasian and North American, and African and South American Plates.

See May 27 post – 7.2 Quake South Sandwich Is. + 6.6 Quake in Fiji (after the 6.4 Quake) + 4.5 Quake Off N. Calif.

MORE on the Mid Atlantic Ridge quakes





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5 06 2016

21 06 2016
6.1 Quake Mid Atlantic Ridge – North Part | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] was a 4.8 quake on the same ridge more south, off Brazil, on […]

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