Vaccine Guarantee for California Parents

10 06 2016

Presented by VAXXED –
Physician Vaccine Acknowledgement and Guarantee Agreement


“Andy, Polly, and Del asked their lawyers to draw up a form that parents facing mandatory vaccination laws, such as SB277, can use. Because neither doctors nor vaccine manufacturers are liable for any damage caused by vaccinating a child, this form requests that the doctor take responsibility for any vaccine damage that may occur. Since the doctor insists (along with the CDC, the FDA, and the drug companies) that these mandatory vaccines are safe, (s)he should be willing to take responsibility for any damage resulting to your child. If the doctor refuses, you can ask why. If she or he says it’s because they don’t want to be liable for damage, they are admitting the vaccines are not safe. You can then ask them to sign a medical exemption for the vaccines. Andy, Polly, and Del ask that you film this exchange with your doctor and share it with Vaxxed.”


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2 responses

11 06 2016
Jon Syfer

This is not a new idea. I’m not a lawyer, but does the form need to be notarized?

11 06 2016

I think the idea is to collect on video as many incidents of doctors refusing to sign the paper as possible to post on the website so it can be presented later to Dr. Pan.
Doctor’s are always asking patients to sign this and that without a notary or lawyer.
Any doctor who can read will not sign it knowing the liability is in the millions.

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