More Clinton Foundation Documents Revealed in New Hack

22 06 2016

Zero HedgeClinton Foundation “Hacked By Russians”, “Foundation Vulnerabilities” Document Leaked

 Earlier batch of hacked docs are linked in this post.





6 responses

22 06 2016

She gives new meaning to the term “whore of babylon”

22 06 2016

The Butcher of Libya ….

22 06 2016

Of nuke interest –
Page 4 and page 11 (Hill nixed Yucca Mont. idea and Hill loves India nukes deal)

22 06 2016

They ain’t playing!

EU Introduces Death Penalty For Enemies Of The State-You Might Want To Knock Off The Crazy Talk About Leaving The Eu If You Want Your Head

Judge Kozinski Thinks The Guillotine Should Be Considered -Beheading Is Not Just For Jihadists Or Samarai Anymore

Never let a good organ go to waste! Somebody could be walking around with Ted Bundy’s heart now days. Well that is assuming he was actually executed.

22 06 2016

I fear they will rig the BREXIT vote like they did the SCOTEXIT vote ….

23 06 2016

ugh! WP messing with again. When I click yr avatar I get that same screwy url …..

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