Pull 1 Thread in the Fake Clinton “Charity” and 10,000 Tons of Manure Lands on Your Head!

4 07 2016

We tried to see if the sleazy Clinton Foundation has ties to right wing Israeli billionaire/criminal, Nochi Dankner who was in the news today for securities fraud.

And all this manure fell on our head!

Hillary Clinton and Martin Schlaff,Avigdor Lieberman,Lev Leviev and other Israeli Russian Jewish Terrorists and Money Launderers,Traffickers
[ this blog is not run by the CNN guy, Blitzer]

“Nochi Dankner partnered with Tshuva in purchasing the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. ”
“So who is Rabbi Pinto exactly or more appropriately who does he represent? The answer lies in his associations that range from Yitzhak Tshuva, Jacob Arabo, Ofer Yardeni, Rudy Giuliani, Nochi Dankner and Mikhail Chernoy. “


2010 – Israeli wealthy class grows, transforming a country

“Much of Israel’s wealth is concentrated among a few families that own newspapers, banks and leading companies. The wealthiest 16 families own 20 percent of the top 500 companies in Israel, according to a recent Israel Channel 10 report.”
Nochi Dankner, for example, is the CEO of the cellular phone giant Cellcom, the Israeli insurance giant Clal and a major Israeli supermarket chain, Supersol.”
“…Mr. Deripaska counts young Nathan Rothschild as one of his key financial advisors. Deripaska completes a circle that returns to Mr. Chernoy aka Cherney.”

IDB Group Holdings

*     *     *    *    *    *   *    *

WaPo – (2015) Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept.

NY Times (2015) “Aides to former President Bill Clinton helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation, despite a pledge of transparency when Hillary Rodham Clinton became secretary of state.”

“Three months after ClintonmoneyToss and Giustra met, they traveled around the world together on a trip that included a stop in Kazakhstan where Clinton introduced Giustra, who was closing in on a $425 million mining investment there, to the Central Asian country’s leader. Giustra made millions on that deal.”

2014 – Judicial Watch Bombshell: Clinton State Department Racket Hauled in $48 Million for Clinton Machine

Nochi Dankner’s pals, Cerberus Capital, ties to Bill Clinton admin. —
Look Who’s Starting a Hedge Fund!

“Last week, Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who has the same amount of investing experience as Breeden (zero)announced the formation of an emerging-markets hedge fund. Albright Capital Management is backed with $329 million in seed money from PGGM, a Dutch pension. Albright and Breeden are following what has become a well-worn path. In October, mammoth hedge fund/private-equity firm D.E. Shaw appointed Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers as a part-time managing director, and Cerberus Capital, another mammoth hedge-fund/private-equity firm, named departing Bush Treasury Secretary John Snow as chairman.

Firms like Cerberus and D.E. Shaw, which started life as rapid-trading hedge funds, are evolving into asset managers that seek long-term returns by buying and selling entire companies. In many instances, the less-crowded foreign markets offer the most compelling opportunities. Cerberus’ list of holdings includes regulated foreign companies such as Air Canada and banks in Japan and Germany. Given the political issues that frequently surround international investments, funds need gray-haired globe-trotters to smooth the way. (Here’s how another Cerberus employee, former Vice President Dan Quayle, describes his role at the fund: “travels throughout the US, Europe and Asia to meet with the heads of investment banks, corporations, buyout shops, potential investors, and other business leaders.”)

Albright is taking it a step further. Former foreign-policy hands such as Henry Kissinger supply advice to hedge funds and Fortune 500 companies on how geopolitical events affect their investments. Albright is taking this practice a few rungs up the value chain. Rather than simply sell advice based on her experience and connections, she’s selling investment-management services based on her experience and connections. Investment management has much higher profit margins.

Nochi Dankner may have teamed up with Cerberus in a bid to take over Bank Leumi in 2005.
– but he isn’t part of that company.

Info on the Clinton Foundation and the crooked HSBC bank here.

SO . . .

Hedge fund managers grease palms of the highest administration officials in the US government to make big international deals and kick-back millions to the officials by calling them “partners” in the hedge fund. Now if Bill Clinton’s cabinet is in on the fix maybe he is getting the biggest wheel-deals of all. . . kept secret via his Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.



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4 07 2016
A Green Road Project

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4 07 2016

Thanks so much. Didn’t find the name of the Israeli billionaire on the Clinton donots’ list leaked recently … but i found all that other stuff.
Worse than ancient Rome 😦


4 07 2016

About the top item in this post, Dr. Leuren Moret says,
“What is interesting is that the Ashkenaz “Jews” are really Iranians from the Tajik tribes so I call them “Tajikis”. The reason the Italian mafia and the Jewish mafia get along so well and work together is because they are all Tajikis. Religion is just a Halloween costume for them and always has been. The ancient Iranians made up all the religions anyway as a mechanism to control the masses. Hillary Rodham Clinton is also a Tajiki “Jew”. Her name “Rodham” was shortened from Rhodinski, the town in Poland that her family came from.”


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