6 07 2016





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6 07 2016

Federal Bureau of Incompetents just said f@#k you! More evidence of there being “no rule of law”. Gangsters in power!
This should get Americans of their arse to find an independent candidate, we will see!

6 07 2016

That convention will be something!
I just imagine a hail of shows being thrown at her!

6 07 2016

7 07 2016

WaPo – James Comey’s abuse of power
by Matthew Miller, former dir. of the Justice Dept.’s public affairs office

” . . . When FBI Director James B. Comey stepped to the lectern to deliver his remarks about Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, he violated time-honored Justice Department practices for how such matters are to be handled, set a dangerous precedent for future investigations and committed a gross abuse of his own power.”

7 07 2016

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