Clinton Foundation Raked in Cash from Right-Wing Regimes, Corporations

7 07 2016

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Source: Clinton Foundation Raked in Cash from Right-Wing Regimes, Corporations

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8 07 2016

The head of the FBI used to be lawyer for Lockheed Martin! And the FBI is supposed to investigate any fraud. How can that work out right. Where is the U. Methodist conspiracy theory? Both Hillary and FBI guy are members of the UMC. I think UMC official position is anti-nuclear and surely anti-war. What they suggest believing and what members do are often two different things. UMC and Methodists seem to be disproportionately in positions of power. Many are shameful embarrassments to John Wesley.

9 07 2016

I guess someone would have to look up stats on religious affiliation and compare to this to see if disproportionate. There are a lot of Presbyterians, like Trump, here:
Still I bet that the UMC affilation played a role in both the FBI decision and Warren’s decision to support Hillary. Churches are like clubs.

9 07 2016

thanks also for e-mail 😉

9 07 2016

Part was just to say that it is odd that this never comes up as a conspiracy theory when it seems to have more potential than many conspiracy theories.
A Presbyterian conspiracy might have more merit, but we never see that either. I haven’t figured out what the UMC conspiracy could be other than what is the case for any club. Churches are essentially clubs like Masonic Orders. I think a conspiracy theory about Presbyterians or other Calvinist churches has more merit since many believe bad things are the “will of God”. What kind of God would that be? Not a good one.
Max Weber wrote about the distortion of the will of God by (mostly Swiss) Calvinists in “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism”.

9 07 2016

thanks …. a good thought.
All I know about Calvinism is from Vermeer paintings.

9 07 2016

The short to the Weber theory is that early Calvinist burger-merchants believed that people were predestined to heaven or hell no matter what they did. And, they decided that earthly wealth was a sign of God’s favor and that since they were rich they were going to heaven and poor be damned literally and metaphorically. And, of course, they owned the town councils and the town councils owned the Church. But, this line of thought is being currently used to hasten the end of the world. May be what’s behind nuke industry. I will look up Vermeer, thanks.

9 07 2016

About Vermeer — has to do with why background furnishings are so simple. Like Shakers’ homes.

Do you happen to know if Calvinists were plit on the issue of slavery? Participants or abolitionists?

10 07 2016

Don’t know. I think probably northern Congregationalists – who I think are Puritan Calvinists- were abolitionists. I think that some Presbyterians could have been anti-slavery just from the perspective of being anti-large planter. Tennessee as a state was very split and I guess would have been highly Presbyterian. But, large Presbyterian planters were probably pro. In the south the Primitive Baptists tried to help blacks. But, since they are independent they are a mixed bag, I think. Methodists split over whether blacks had souls or not. Probably other similar splits. I think Presbyterians split in this way, but all of the above just off the top of my head. It must be the origin of American Baptists and Southern Baptist split, too. I never thought much about this until I got tired of people saying that bad things were God’s will.

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