Smell a rat in Dallas?

8 07 2016

ITEM: Months ago when peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in New York became enormous they came to a complete halt after 2 NYPD officers were killed without motive by a ‘deranged’ shooter with no affiliation with the protests.

ITEM: US intel agencies have never stopped their MK-Ultra human mind control ‘experiments even after the infamous Operation Northwoods documents revealed the CIA’s plan to kill astronauts and bring down a passenger plane to excuse an invasion of Cuba.

ITEM: The racist massacre in the church in Charleston a year ago has many elements pointing to mind control. The barely literate shooter seems quite literate in his ‘manifesto’ that appeared on line.

ITEM: In 2013 the Navy Yard shooter complained about mind-control by ELF and scratched “my ELF weapon” into his gun stock before going on his shooting spree.

ITEM: The Boston bombing accused brothers had FBI handlers.

ITEM: Orlando club shooter had CIA connected father and worked for BP oil co. security.

ITEM: “Steven Hatfill, later suspected of being behind the 2001 anthrax attacks, has a two-year contract working at USAMRIID, the US Army’s top biological laboratory…”

ITEM: In 2015 witnesses described 3 white men in military dress as San Bernardine shooters – not a middle eastern man.

ITEM: Dallas police have a long history of being connected to the intelligence agencies at Dallas-Fort Worth. Looking into the JFK assassination the Dallas-Fort Worth hub of government/private/military intel agencies is worth noting.

ITEM: Article on the Columbine massacre“The writer is indebted to his good friend, investigative journalist Uri Dowbenko, who drew his attention to an article by John Quinn on the Newshawk Inc. Website. Quinn claims to have received information from a scientist who was allegedly involved in mind-control activities at Plattsburg Air Force Base, in upstate New York state, where Eric Harris’s father – a career Air Force officer, was stationed. This facility, officially closed In 1994, still emits electromagnetic signals from a subterranean source (it purportedly has an eighteen level underground complex).”

ITEM: etc. etc. etc.

QUESTIONS: Would they? Could they? Did they?

  • If they did would it move the public to agree more with Obama’s mantra on more gun control?
  • If they did would it move the public to have less sympathy for Black Live Matters?
  • If they did would it move the public to accept more police controls, a more militarized police and more restrictions on public assembly?

PART 2Is Dallas Shoot Up a Psy-Op?


Would they?

Could they?

Did they?




4 responses

8 07 2016

our gov torture/murdered 3000 on 9/11 so anything is now possible…

8 07 2016

Yes. Exactly.
Plus intel people will kill their own family members. That’s why the famous book was called “The CIA and the CULT of Intelligence”.

8 07 2016
Is Dallas Shoot Up a Psy-Op? | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] This is PART 2 of out earlier post –   Smell a rat in Dallas? […]

10 07 2016

on NATO/Russia

notice the timing …

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