Is Dallas Shoot Up a Psy-Op?

8 07 2016

To introduce the public to police controlled killer robots?

Are armed police DRONES next??

Last December we reported

Robot death squads coming to a street near you . . . and high school students helping to build them.

This is PART 2 of out earlier post –   Smell a rat in Dallas?


ITEM –  June 16 post –  BANG! BANG! BANG! Be Scared and Trust Authorities!

ITEMThe BreakawayDALLAS SHOOTING SNIPERS: Gladio Terror, Drills & Suspicious Details


ITEMPresident Obama made a passionate appeal for non-violence when he gave an address about the Minnesota police murder from Poland. What was he doing in Poland? Planning WW3 and convincing Poland ( + NATO) to attack Russia. He has just illegally loaded next-to-Russia, Poland up with nuke weapons.  Who is paying attention to that trip when downtown Dallas is a war zone?




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8 07 2016
Smell a rat in Dallas? | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] PART 2 – Is Dallas Shoot Up a Psy-Op? […]


10 07 2016

Obama Does Dallas To Distract From Comey Debacle

Hey, let’s first kill two innocent black minorities in cold blood as a pretext to conduct a blackop to kill five policemen and wound 7 others
The “False Flag PSYOPS” never stop and will only intensify until the election, if there even is a presidential election!


10 07 2016

Jon Rappopport and many others saying the same thing.
Hillary’s first address after being sprung was in Philly … she looks very ill.


10 07 2016

my opinion is the 2 murders were just police doing their thing but the Dallas thing looks like a psy-op …. pulled off the shelf.
Look how many vets they can ‘train’.
I compare him to the Navy Yard shooter and to the ‘lone nut’ who killed 2 NYPD officers in their squad car when protests had been going on for days.


14 07 2016

Zero Hedge – Still No Explanation For Dallas Gunman’s Honorable Discharge

” . . . . Johnson was kicked out of the Army for stealing panties, returned home as a soldier who fell from grace, was exposed to Eric Garner’s July murder and Michael Brown’s August murder, all while trying to negotiate a deal with his lawyer regarding his panty heist…. et voila, he became a crazed murderer.”


19 07 2016

[Baton Rouge] But Mr. Long, who was killed in the shootout, said in online posts and videos that he was a victim of a vast government conspiracy that watches and harasses everyday Americans.

Numbering in the thousands, the self-described targeted individuals, or T.I.s, say that they are being tortured with mind-control weapons and put under surveillance by armies of covert agents known as gang stalkers.


3 05 2019


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