Hillary’s Free Pass

14 07 2016

The shame still lingers over the framing of Jules and Ethyl Rosenberg for violating the Espionage Act and their cruel electrocutions at the hands of the state. rosenberg Accused of passing TOP SECRET documents to Russians they were arrested and pressured separately to lie about each other. Their refusal to ‘cooperate’ with a frenzied FBI at the height of the cold war sealed their fate.

Besides setting Russia up with a huge supply of uranium Hillary broke the Espionage Act by passing classified docs around on her un-secured, no-password illegal private server. And she cannot claim “she didn’t know” about the classification levels since she went to the trouble of removing the headers with them.

CNN: Two government agencies flagged emails on Clinton’s server as containing classified information, the inspector general said, including some on “special access programs,” which are a subset of the highest “Top Secret” level of classification, but are under subject to more stringent control rules than even other Top Secret information.”

The classification of the 30,000 e-mails the FBI generously allowed her lawyers to delete is unknown.
Her crime is not an office slip-up as she likes to make us believe. She isn’t as stupid as to think wiping a server is the same as cleaning it with a cloth as she clumsily claimed under oath. She didn’t accidentally remove the classification headers on top secret items to share with staffers, chums and despotic governments who threw cash at her crooked foundation.

People have gone to the electric chair for this.




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14 07 2016

Aldipest – FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!

14 07 2016

on rense.com ….
MYSTERY: CNN loses feed as reporter critiques Hillary Clinton

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