Did Erdogan Coup Himself?

17 07 2016

Was the air attack strafing and military show of non-force this week a big PSY-OP planned to expand his power?

  • No one stepped in to claim possession of any region, offices or bases at the height of the chaos.
  • No follow up defector-military action took place.
  • No one turned off cell phones or communication as in Egypt during that uprising.
  • Erdogan seemed unconcerned with his own safety amid the event and stepped out in public to declare the coup over in front of the international press. He had no protection from sniper fire and unknown air cover.

Zero Hedge has 2 articles on it-

Consider that Turkey is home to US bases that run terrur ops and supply to Syria and helps sell oil stolen from Syria and is the European/World pipeline hub of heroin (Afghanistan poppies converted there or on the way there).

UPDATE:  Trowbridge Ford disagrees and says why in comments.
Newer updates in comments + more on Zero Hedge and other sites.




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17 07 2016

Zero Hedge – Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs

17 07 2016
Trowbridge H. Ford

No, Erdogan did not coup himself; he was saved by the Pentagon at the last minute.

Ash Carter’s goons at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base learned of the coup, and sent a plane to the villa where he was vacationing on the Aegean, and took him to Istanbul, the center of his support where he mobilized the counter attack.

In getting him there, US helicopter forces at Samandira Army Base cleared his arrival at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport as his assassination would have constituted victory for the plotters.

While the Pentagon did everthing it could to cover its and his track in the plot, he turned the tables on Washington by stopping all US air operations from Incirlik, and charging that Washington had backed dissident Gulen’s plot against him.

Erdgan has learned the hard way to always keep Washington on the defensive, as he was only permitted to take over from Ecevic because of his betrayal of NATO’s breakup of Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, had to respond to save his own skin because of the Pentagon-made earthquakes at lake Van in response to his independence in dealing with the isolated Gaza strip, and knows that the bombing of the Ataturk Airport was to keep him and his Army in line when it came to ISIS,

America’s clients like Panama and the Philippines have learned the hard way when they trusted and took for granted anything involving Washington.

17 07 2016

well, that settles that ….

17 07 2016

The Turks worked closely with Hitler and helped steal gold. They dont need lessons from the US. Maybe the same Nazi teachers?

17 07 2016

Speaking of Hitler I highly recommend “Hitler Was A British Agent” I am reading it now, but it cost me 45.00.


As a result 16 of the 18 marriages by Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s grand children were between first cousins. Even his son James Rothschild married the daughter of his brother, Salomon Mayer. To compensate for this they had illegitimate children, often with their servants.

In 1984, George Orwell updated Prima nocte as “The law by which every capitalist had the right to sleep with any woman working in one of his factories.”

This ‘night right’ was grabbed randomly by those given the title ‘Baron,’ which all the Rothschilds had, some changing their surnames to Baron de Rothschild. Prima Nocte created generations of Rothschild illegitimate children.

To compensate for this, the Rothschilds would have illegitimate children while dressed in masks and costumes to hide their identity.

Due to the commoners rebellion against prima nocte, Germans and Austrians were practising windowing, essentially climbing up girls drain pipes and trellis work to get them pregnant befoere marriage.

If a girl of breeding age heard someone climbing up the drainpipe, rather than be scared, she would get herself prepared-quick scrub with a badger hair toothbrush followed by a natural sponge.

At the beginning of August a lot of the servant girls were given leave for the hot summer month and temporary replacements would come in. These temps were often chosen with the 31st of August in mind, when the agents of war would be conceived after a month of familiarity between master and servant.

Hitler’s grandmother was a none too bright catholic girl who was invited to work at the Rothschild’s in Vienna in the summer of 1836.

Her surname ‘Schicklgruber’ translates as ‘Reaper’ and refers to the grim reaper, or death,’ and with her given initials M.A.S., MAS, MAR’ becomes ‘mass death,’ She was perfect fodder for a staged Agent of War’ Rothschild terror rape.

The Rothschilds told their servant they were going out and to retire early. Three of the Rothschilds returned quietly around 11:30 PM on 30 August 1836, put on their devil costumes, completed a midnight Golden Dawn coven ritual and began terrorizing Maria Anna Schickegruber in a pressure cooker scenario. Closing doors, rustling leaves, foot steps running away, all that scary movie stuff that has been ingrained in us for so long it has now become laughable with over exposure.

This was designed to create sustained fear, to flood her bloodstream with adrenalin, and to alter her physiological and psychological condition to one of absolute teror.

At 1:30 Am the three Rothschilds appeared in her room as three devils. Not only was she financially helpless, but also physically helpless. Her screams were not heard as all three Rothschilds were supposedly out. She was raped, seduced by all three, or about to join the Rothschild family, depending on her perception. Each Rothschild had a three in one chance of conceiving a child with her and they took pleasure scaring the living life out of Maria Anna Schicklegruber for a multitude of reasons.

Totally financially strapped, in a very expensive city, Maria stayed on as a servant, but by late November her pregnancy had become apparent to the rest of the family and she was sent back to her home at House no. 13 in Stones-mission accomplished. The most likely perpetrator was Salomon Mayer Rothschild.

Salomon Mayer Rothschild 92774-1855) ran the S.M. Rothschild and Sons bank in Vienna. He allowed his daughter to marry his brother Karl (14 years younger than himself), who was based in Naples-an uncle marrying a niece.

17 07 2016

I read on another blog the Rothschilds illegitimate children served a function. They became the trusted couriers and messengers between the family and banks etc.
And the sur name Fitz da da whatever signified bastard child. They had some status and wealth I assume.

17 07 2016

oh – I’ll put that one on the Bugle.
They have the leaky nuke plant there – Turkey Point.

17 07 2016

I am about 45 miles from Daytona. Several years ago they had a slight tsunami at Daytona. Probably some movement in the mid Atlantic riff. It was only about 12 feet high nut enough to wash over the cars on the beach.

17 07 2016


17 07 2016

Asia Times – Erdogan taunts Obama over coup attempt in Turkey

18 07 2016

18 07 2016

a defferent idea ….

19 07 2016

Five Minutes of Common Sense: Post-coup Turkey will compromise with Russia


20 07 2016
20 07 2016

A Reuters story form Monday with flight details etc. –
At height of Turkish coup bid, rebel jets had Erdogan’s plane in their sights

Sibel Edmonds –

20 07 2016

[ Relates to Sibel Edmonds info in comment above about nukes at USAF bases in the area ]

Dr. Leuren Moret says,
. . . about CIA’s NGOs in Turkey and the whole deal about the nuke bomb planes at the USAF there.
I talked to a man named Andre at NATO a number of times. An Italian I met named Paolo Scampa introduced me to Andre by phone. I was working very hard on DU then, and Andre was “interested” Paolo told me. Andre was a top nuclear expert with NATO, but was already retired when I was introduced. He died about 2 years later. Paolo was very tight with him, and P. told me that some (all?) of the US nukes in Europe are set to go off on the ground if the US wants them to. So “Unc” Sam is nuclear blackmailing the EU countries with our nucs stored or loaded on our fighter jets at their bases.

I think this last round of Kerry’s with Putin in the Kremlin last Friday/Sat. was about the State Dept. trying to threaten Russia with nuclear blackmail if the US doesn’t get what they want in Syria/Ukraine from Russia. I watched the first 12 minutes of the 2 day meetings when Putin greeted and met Kerry for 3 hours and told him how it’s going to be. The US got NOTHING from Russia and also Ru/Syria were bombing the hell out of terrorists and absolutely slaughtering them on the ground during the entire meeting. Kerry looked completely bewildered the entire time. Their game is up.

20 07 2016
Belgian aftershock from the Turkish coup d’état | Marcus Ampe's Space

[…] Did Erdogan Coup Himself? […]

20 07 2016

Today, 11pm Anakara Time, WikiLeaks releases part one of the AKP Emails. AKP, or the Justice & Development Party, is the ruling party of Turkey and is the political force behind the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

24 07 2016

28 07 2016

A Green Road Blog – Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps

30 07 2016

Yoichi Shimatsu posits the action was a cover for the round-up of Turkey navy generals and officers who facilitated the N. Africa migrant exit so the next president of US wouldn’t find the paper trail.

Turkey Coup Arrests Bury Soros-Clinton ‘Migrant’ Crisis

By Yoichi Shimatsu


4 08 2016

From Leuren Moret –
Those very same Gulf state countries are the same ones participating, funding, and egging on the terrorists and US mercenaries (and UK hiding in America’s skirts) that are destroying Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and false flagging/coup Turkey.

Here is the documentation that was found at Incirlik base after the coup in Turkey last week – US documents that detailed $2 billion was the cost to the US of the coup executed by Gen. Campbell:
$2 billion: CIA’s bill for Turkish coup

And here is a (US) plane discovered refueling in Zimbabwe w blood dripping out of a door on the plane and a dead body inside with millions of S. African currency on board. This could be US money being transferred to S.Africa for the color revolution there that just broke out.
Dripping blood alerts airport staff to corpse on cash-filled plane

5 08 2016

8 08 2016

Jullian Assange talks about Turkey at 10 min. mark here –

10 08 2016

Syrian Free Press – Washington Slapdown: Turkey Turns to Moscow for Help

11 08 2016
Turkey Under Mystery Bomb Attacks | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] here for updates. Previous news on the Turkey coup is here + more in the comments […]

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