New! WikiLeaks’ DNC audio file dump

28 07 2016

MORE docs to come (today!)

GRNbullet     The audio files


WikiLeaks could release more material on US election, says Assange

” . . . WikiLeaks released 25 DNC voicemails that likely come from the leaked email dump. According to a report by smilieBlueMotherboard, there is no evidence to indicate that the voicemail recordings are part of a new leak.” – – – so stay tuned!
Any new dump will get posted here – – –

A Green Road BlogWikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Promises ‘A Lot More Material




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28 07 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on AGR Daily News Service.

28 07 2016

When you listen you get 2 quick impressions –
1] “access” to POTUS implied by big “gift”
2] uppity-ups let DNC know they are disappointed in inability to reign in Bernie fans.

28 07 2016

30 07 2016

New York magazine – Does Julian Assange Really Have an Email That Will Get Hillary Clinton Tossed in Prison? (Updated)

” . . . Based on my attempt to verify the quote in question, Assange may have never actually claimed to have such materials. Rather, this may have all been an out-of-control game of internet telephone, of rumormongering at its worst and least responsible, propagated by outlets hostile to Clinton and eventually reaching the pages of the top newspaper in the United States . . . “

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