You Thought Nutty UC Davis Chancellor Katehi was Out of Control Pepper Straying Students . . . She’s Going to Pepper Spray the Whole World!

4 08 2016

If you aren’t in California Linda Katehi, the chancellor of UC-Davis, might not ring a bell but the point blank pepper spraying of protestors should.
Yeah. That Katehi.


It looks like that’s not even the tip of the Katehi iceberg.
Leuren Moret explains why:

UCDavis Chancellor Katehi corruption/technology transfer, UC Pres. Napolitano and DHS, and former Sec. Energy Steven Chu – How they all fit together and are integrated with Univ. of Calif. NWO industrial parks on campuses – funded by Queen Elizabeth (who also funded Obama’s election w $500 million)

Larry Battis said some interesting things about Katehi and the technology transfer. A few days ago he said that Katehi has always been an interim agent between the guys who do the science and produce what someone else wants, and delivering that final product to the party who requested it. In other words, Katehi works with an interested party (US Navy, Homeland Sec. etc.) who wants a product designed by competent specialized scientists, and she takes that project (with the technical parameters and features requested) to the scientific research team (in academia, nuke labs etc.).  She works with the scientific research team and the “client” going back and forth with technical details, then she wraps/packages and delivers the final product to the “client” and they send it off to a manufacturer for production. An example: the US Navy flat array antenna street lamps that Homeland Sec. (probably Janet Napolitano) requested, and that arrived by boatloads in the US/AU/NZ etc. to be installed on every street lamp across America (and 15 Commonwealth countries that Napolitano sold DHS contracts to as DHS head). They were installed in Calif. – ahead of most other places – since Napolitano has taken office as UC Pres., and Katehi as her UC/Monsanto/NWO “science diplomat”. THAT’S WHY NAPOLITANO IS PROTECTING HER.

UCDavisAnd that is what these “scientific research parks” are that the UC campuses are being turned into. As Director of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab , Steven Chu got half a billion dollars from QEII to convert the Lawrence Berkeley Lab (and the campus) into a scientific research park.

So there is clearly why Katehi was hired by UC – to put together the Homeland Sec. “apps” then package and deliver them to the client – Homeland Sec. In turn, Napolitano is the go-between for UC/Livermore and Homeland Sec. and Commonwealth countries. These campus sci. res. parks are clearly for the purpose of developing the technologies of social and political control in the US and beyond that – the NWO agenda. Each campus is a different frequency and meme to create different social/political groups that our adult children will become slaves of as working adults. Frequencies are the key to this enormous and dangerous transition to transhumanism. Now I see the connections between all of them – Chu, Napolitano, Katehi. and more. What do you think?

I sure do see a lot of very dirty sh*t falling from the sky all over the UC infrastructure. Each campus (situated in a town where the House of Castro holds 1 or more Spanish land grants) is designed to have a different social culture, and I have even noticed that there is a distinct “campus atmosphere or vibe” at every UC campus different from the rest. UCD is still running the algorithms/mood EMF that they were broadcasting in UCD Chancellor Mrak’s 1960’s. I immediately get that old 60’s vibe whenever I am in Davis… and CAL has its own as well as Santa Cruz and UC Santa Barbara etc. They are each different from the others, and they all have distinct cultures because students/faculty etc. are SELECTED by their own characteristics suitable to the campus template where they end up.

It’s all templates set up by the Jesuits in their Vatican Science Institute… whether its nuclear weapons, energy weapons (HAARP), or trans humanism. And the House of Castro does the oversight on the projects that are implemented in their own back yard.

It’s all as snug and tight as a cork in a wine bottle….

[I investigated UCD donor and NWO agent Schrem. He is obviously an Israeli and that is confirmed by his U. Utah/Jesuit degree that links him to “Tajiki Mormon Jews” and their obsessive ideas. His Italian wife from Florence looks to me like she might be a Medici. She has a breeding program look to her.]

The wagons are circling America…


UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati The University of California, Davis, P.B. Katehi, Monsanto, Occupy, Illuminati Bloodlines and Vietnam





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4 08 2016


Lately I’ve felt this heaviness growing, as if something is building and going to happen very soon. As you known 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey and I predicted that the monkey mind would prevail this year People suddenly changing their minds and events changing in the blink of the eye. Others are feeling this strange energy–including several talk show hosts.

The latest rumor is Trump’s two sons left the country to go hunting. Either they are fed up with everything or they needed a little break. The other rumor is Trump is going to drop out. Really? I’ve wondered if Trump who is known to be friends with the Clintons (Bill and Hillary attended Trump’s wedding) made a deal with Bill to get Hillary elected. Remember Trump met with Bill before he decided to run for President. Did they make an agreement? Bill met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport about Hillary’s email fiasco and a few days later Loretta Lynch cleared her of all charges. Talk about power!

Do the Clintons have that much power over Trump? Are we being played by these people?

If you think our country and world is going crazy, you are just seeing the beginning of the insanity. Fasten your seat belts. The Agenda has just begun!!! P.S. Genealogists have proven that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are related…read article.

5 08 2016

I feel Trump is just put up by Hillary to usher her into office.
But then I change my mind and think he’s going his own way and driving neo-cons nuts. Good for him if that’s so.
Very scary times.
Enjoy every day.

4 08 2016

Janet Napolitano Resigns Warning Of A Major Cyber Event Which Could Cripple America, Similar To Warnings By Pattie Brassard

Posted on August 29, 2013

Janet Napolitano will resign to take a post at the University of California. (Is it near a bunker?) This now leaves 15 vacancies at Homeland Security which are now unfilled. The linked article speculates it might be government sponsored but that is not what is indicated by Napolitano and I have my doubts about that.

Mormons Flashing The Mano Carnuto In Brussels Bombing-Brussels 3/22 Attacks – Various Coverage

The Bundy Bloodline-Mormons-Illuminism and Ordinary Madness in Bunkerville, Nevada

4 08 2016

Will reblog

5 08 2016

Thanks! That Chu guy has the worst history too!

5 08 2016

You may like this fellow … he does many shows about Hollywood and symbols in movies, CIA in Hollywood etc.

5 08 2016
10 08 2016
You Thought Nutty UC Davis Chancellor Katehi was Out of Control Pepper Straying Students . . . She’s Going to Pepper Spray the Whole World! | Falklands Harvest II

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14 08 2016
29 06 2017

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