Wildfire Trouble at Hanford Nuke Dump

4 08 2016

ENE-News“Very Serious”: Wildfires burn close to US nuclear site — ‘Red Flag Warning’ issued — FEMA: “Fire threatened such destruction as would constitute a major disaster” — Largest wildfire in country (VIDEO)

“The fire that began on the Yakima Training Center Saturday night and burned into Benton and Grant Counties over the weekend has ballooned to over 175,000 acres according to fire crews…”


LINK – http://youtu.be/Vrv735G5F9c

This next video is from Prosser, Wash. [maps below] very recent:

LINK – http://youtu.be/2N0PVCYD3SY

Prosser is just south of Hanford.



Bigger map showing Yamika Training Center – to the west of Hanford –

spaceView_WA8316This is a space view of Wash. from 8-3. Only adding it because it came as a TAR file and was hard to open. Click thumbnail for super-size view.

More on Mining Awareness – has the Hanford fire plan



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4 08 2016

UPDATE: The Yamika fire is 90% contained (the one in the 2nd vid)

US Fire map:


4 08 2016

I will reblog this. If thaty 65 foot crack in the Wanupum dam goes it will put it out. 🙂



COLUMBIA GENERATING STATION FINAL SAFETY ANALYSIS REPORT (pdf), Dec. 2011: Grand Coulee Dam is ~250 river miles upstream from the CGS nuclear reactor, while the Wanapum Dam is ~60 river miles from the reactor and ~30 river miles from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Wanapum Dam

Emergency plan activated after ‘massive’ crack found in dam near nuclear site — Official: ‘Serious problem’; Failure risk ‘sufficiently high’ — NOAA: “Potential for rapid increase in flows” — Gov’t: Flooding could release radioactive waste from Hanford (VIDEO)

There are many nuclear reactors within the reach of a Yellowstone Super Volcano eruption. Yellowstone has been showing some unusual signs lately.


4 08 2016
4 08 2016

The big fire near Yamika is mostly under control says the fire service. I put the link in the comment part of the post.


4 08 2016

Highest temp ever on earth: Sand fire and a week of terror: TBW News last week of July-Tundra turns into trampoline due to methane release-Anthrax In Siberia


I added more to it. Sounds like a star trek movie I know. 🙂


We have heard from Betsey’s Russian scientist, now take a look at this one.

January 8, 1998
Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997
*Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Chief Scientific Member,
United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy,
Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Expert on Global Ecology, and Fast -Processing Earth Events.

Russian to English Translation and Editing:
by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett
Summary Paragrap

Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity’s in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This “donation” of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes.

Current, in process, geological, geophysical, and climatical alterations of the Earth are becoming more, and more, irreversible. At the present time researchers are revealing some of the causes which are leading to a general reorganization of the electro-magnetosphere (the electromagnetic skeleton) of our planet, and of its climatic machinery. A greater number of specialists in climatology, geophysics, planetophysics, and heliophysics are tending towards a cosmic causative sequence version for what is happening. Indeed, events of the last decade give strong evidence of unusually significant heliospheric and planetophysic transformations [1,2]. Given the quality, quantity, and scale of these transformations we may say that:

The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth (through a tightly connected feedback system) are directly impacted by, and linked back to, the general overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System. We must begin to organize our attention and thinking to understand that climatic changes on Earth are only one part, or link, in a whole chain of events taking place in our Heliosphere.

These deep physical processes, these new qualities of our physical and geological environment, will impose special adaptive challenges and requirements for all life forms on Earth. Considering the problems of adaptation our biosphere will have with these new physical conditions on Earth, we need to distinguish the general tendency and nature of the changes. As we will show below,these tendencies may be traced in the direction of planet energy capacity growth (capacitance), which is leading to a highly excited or charged state of some of Earth’s systems.The most intense transformations are taking place in the planetary gas-plasma envelopes to which the productive possibilities of our biosphere are timed. Currently this new scenario of excess energy run-off is being formed, and observed:
In the ionosphere by plasma generation.

In the magnetosphere by magnetic storms.

In the atmosphere by cyclones.
This high-energy atmospheric phenomena, which was rare in the past, is now becoming more frequent, intense, and changed in its nature. The material composition of the gas-plasma envelope is also being transformed.
It is quite natural for the whole biota of the Earth to be subjected to these changing conditions of the electromagnetic field, and to the significant deep alterations of Earth’s climatic machinery. These fundamental processes of change create a demand within all of Earth’s life organisms for new forms of adaptation. The natural development of these new forms may lead to a total global revision of the range of species, and life, on Earth . New deeper qualities of life itself may come forth, bringing the new physical state of the Earth to an equilibrium with the new organismic possibilities of development, reproduction, and perfection. In this sense it is evident that we are faced with a problem of the adaptation of humanity to this new state of the Earth; new conditions on Earth whose biospheric qualities are varying, and non-uniformly distributed. Therefore the current period of transformation is transient, and the transition of life’s representatives to the future may take place only after a deep evaluation of what it will take to comply with these new Earthly biospheric conditions. Each living representative on Earth will be getting a thorough “examination,” or “quality control inspection,” to determine it’s ability to comply with these new conditions.These evolutionary challenges always require effort, or endurance, be it individual organisms, species, or communities. Therefore, it is not only the climate that is becoming new, but we as human beings are experiencing a global change in the vital processes of living organisms, or life itself; which is yet another link in the total process. We cannot treat such things separately, or individually.



5 08 2016

all I can say is I dunno nuttin’ about the magnetosphere…. this could be crazy talk or a serious idea.
I do like Guy McPherson who talks about more dire (if possible) ELE going on now due to several self-reinforcing feed-back loops.


5 08 2016

on the ENE-News article, Dana Durnford said
“170,000 acres of land that was contaminated by Hanford years before the fire now burned and released massive amounts of sequestered radiation . Hanford also dumped billions of gallons into the soil in the 50s and has 41 miles of unlined trenches full of the most deadly radiation known to solar system . They use to hire local people to sit in cow pastures just outside the reactors and then purposely release radiation and test the victims in labs in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s ….”


5 08 2016
Hanford Nuclear Site’s Ongoing Wildfire Problem | Mining Awareness +

[…] Private videos of some of the current fires which are near but reportedly not on the site: https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/wildfire/ Wildfires in the region of the Hanford Nuclear Site, 230 am MDT […]


5 08 2016

I have that forest fire map (US) on the Maps page on the Bugle.
The fires near the Hollywood hills are not near Porter Ranch. They are to the north … or I would have made a map and blogged it.
The N.M. fires are at the top of the state and not near WIPP or I would’ve made a map and blogged it too.


5 08 2016

Hanford fire rad info from Leuren Moret –

…. there was a spike on July 31 in S. Dakota where the rad level went from 700 cpm to 1404 cpm in one hour and then declined slowly. It is pulses of rad smoke from the fire around Hanford. This is a good way to map the pathway of previous Hanford daily emissions for years. We can follow the spikes east of Hanford and see where the spikes are and map them. Most of the rad in those contaminated areas is in the upper 2 cm of the dust level in the soil column. That gets stirred up and remobilized by fires, plus all the plant material – alive and dead gets added to the dust rad.


5 08 2016

… and Leuren Moret’s Letter to Congress on wildfire spread of radionuclides, “Radionuclide Remobilization Abatement.” –


9 08 2016
14 08 2016
Hanford Nuclear Site Fires Above Electrical Substation – August 13, 2016 | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Aug. 4 post – Wildfire Trouble at Hanford Nuke Dump […]


14 08 2016
Hanford Nuclear Site Fires Above Electrical Substation | flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] Aug. 4 post – Wildfire Trouble at Hanford Nuke Dump […]


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