Hillary Would Commit Murder for NY Senate Seat — John Kennedy Jr. Plane Search Delayed 15½ Hours by Bill Clinton

5 08 2016

Strontium Milks –


flying cuttlefish picayune

Was it to pave the way for HILLARY???

GPS on plane was sophisticated and could pinpoint the exact location.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/ImbB-jH2cWk

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5 08 2016

Have you ever seen this version of the JFK murder? I don’t rule out anything any more.


5 08 2016

No haven’t seen that.
Late at night, on Rense radio show I recently heard good story all about murder of policeman, Tippet, in the movie house.
I was always mystified by the whole story of the movie house where Oswald was caught.
The fellow (probably an author) said Tippet was close match in buiild & looks to JFK. They had to have a body double (dead) to switch brains for the faked autopsy. They did the switch on the plane. He said that’s why LBJ did the oath on the plane. That oath deal made no sense — an important thing like that should have been at the white house. But in doing the oath all the press and everybody moved up to see it at the front of the plane (body was in the back).
It makes a lot of sense.

6 08 2016

His theory is all the kennedys grew tired of acting and retired to secluded areas of Hyannisport. It is only accessible through ferry and plane. John Belushi also bought a nice estate there before he OD’ed.

12 08 2016

New problem with W0rdPress — now they disabled the YooT00b video embed feature, at least on me.
I was trying to load this (in it Micheal Trimm says Merkel will probably get arrested or be forced out) — 72 min. mark —

link – youtu.be/-hTc96kfC-g

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