Wikileaks have the emails that’ll put Hillary in Prison

8 08 2016



WikiLeaks drops Hillary email labeled ‘tick tock on Libya’ – will Rush’s prediction come true?

[right wing talk show host with some unreliability/reliability history] Limbaugh said emails could expose how Clinton was involved with running a gun-running scheme in Libya, with that being the motive behind her toppling of strongman Moammar Gadhafi.
The gun-running scheme, according to Limbaugh, would eventually be tied to Clinton’s State Department selling guns to Libyan rebels, guns that eventually ended up in the hands of Syrian ISIS members.

. . . if Hillary / ISIS weapons link is shown in e-mails she may be brought up on charges.
The next e-mail dump is still pending. It will be posted here when it comes out. – FC

WikiLeaks twitter page




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