Fire at Oak Ridge Nuke Weapons Plant on Aug. 6th?

13 08 2016

The US active and recent fire map shows a fire at what seems to be the Y-12 site last Saturday, August 6th. Fire map source: The yellow dot is the center or estimated center. Y-12 location icon: &#…

Source: Fire at Y-12 National Security Complex on August 6th?




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13 08 2016

did walter know anything? there was a norco shell motiva fire too that i need to post still.

14 08 2016

This is from Keith M. –

Norco Manufacturing Complex | Shell United States
Excerpt: The Norco Refining Company is located next to the Mississippi River, about 20 miles west of New Orleans, Louisiana.
WAFB: Fire contained at Motiva Oil Refinery in St. James Parish, no injuries reported.
Excerpt: A major fire at the Motiva Oil Refinery in Convent is contained though what caused the blaze remains a mystery, according to the general manager at the plant.

…no reported injuries, according to the plant’s general manager.

…It took a little over an hour to contain the massive blaze, which at sometimes rose higher than the smoke stacks.

The fire was located in the H-Oil unit, which is where distilled chemicals are refined into products like diesel.

15 08 2016

Thanks and thank Keith. A second fire for the same company. I have a map showing one on the 31st at Shell Motiva in Norco. I guess the fires are frequent. The Convent one was put out within an hour and doesn’t show on the fire map or didn’t. I guess the satellite only gets fires that are going when they pass over. Norco and Covent ones are two different sites, I think. Norco is near Waterford 3 NPS – a mile or two away and an explosion there blew out windows in New Orleans in the 80s.

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