Mining Advocate “ConnectingDots2” Stalks Anti-Nuclear Activist Dana Durnford At BC Courthouse; Threatens Dana with Frivolous Lawsuit; Laughs at Dana’s Car Troubles; Wants Dana Banned from Youtube

16 08 2016

Good detective work! This stalker belongs in jail!


Mining Awareness +

This ConnectingDots2 character is clearly guilty of the stalking of a physically disabled man, Dana Durnford, and of the very criminal harassment that he announces in an August 15th video that he will accuse Dana of. If ConnectingDots2 were truly fearful then he would have gone to the courthouse when Dana and Dana’s supporters weren’t there. Instead ConnectingDots2 posts a video of his waiting for Dana to appear at the courthouse. Due to apparent sabatoge of his vehicle, Dana didn’t make it. ConnectingDots2 seems to also be known as ConnectingDots1 or ConnectingDots.

We don’t know the face of ConnectingDots2 or even his name from his video – only that he’s an apparently immature and bored stalker and mining advocate that thinks that his mean-spirited ways are funny. Genesis 6:5 had ConnectingDots2 and his ilk in mind when it said: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great…

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17 08 2016

SMALL URL to Mining Awareness article —-


18 08 2016

Mining Awareness – Extraordinary story of how a fracking company is silencing academic criticism with smears and payoffs


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