Bill, Bill, Bill . . . .

17 08 2016

On Bill Clinton, the CIA and his terrur operation in East Europe, Gladio B –
[ Starts at 43 min. mark ]


Jon Rappopport – Is the CIA getting ready to dump the Clintons?


Bill and his special relationship with Nigeria

(2013) CNN Blog – Bill Clinton’s $106 million speech circuit windfall

“The most lucrative was a February speech to a local newspaper publishing company in Lagos, Nigeria, for which he received $700,000. He addressed the same group in 2011 for the same amount.”
– – – We have another name for that and it isn’t windfall! – FC

Bill_NigeriaReport Links Nigerian Corrupt Billionaires With Clinton Foundation And Boko Haram

Judicial WatchDid Clinton Foundation Donor Get Hillary to Delay Boko Haram Terror Designation?

[US Sen.] Vitter: Did Hillary Clinton Delete Boko Haram Emails?

Clinton Foundation Is Hiring ! High Paying Management Position! – Jobs/Vacancies – Nairaland

NOTE: A Clinton Foundation PR firm is scrubbing Bill Clinton bribery stories, Nigeria stories from the internet this week. Dramatic difference in absent material when you search. – FC

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17 08 2016


17 08 2016

I cannot believe how much was scrubbed from search engines in recent days! A week ago I could have easily found a lot more articles and much much more on the Bill and the CIA in Africa.
It doesn’t matter if you use other-than-g00gle …. it’s all missing!

18 08 2016

Yeah tell me about it! This has happened to me far too often. That’s why we’ve resorted to saving certain articles or mirroring them in full so they are saved on this blog. It’s a disturbing trend that’s been increasing for quite some time.

18 08 2016

Michael Trimm scrubbed; no surprise!

18 08 2016

oh, that’s horrible! He was good at trying together loose threads.
Hope he comes back soon.

17 08 2016

Reblogged this on CF-gate and commented:

Bill represents the CF around the globe!

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