Moron, Huma Left Classified Docs on Seat of Her Car

23 08 2016

Sputnik Recovered Emails Show Clinton Top Aide Left Classified Documents in Car Seat

“I’m going to have ambassador ride on the next drive. There’s a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket in front of my seat. Can u put in trunk?”
– email from Abedin to State Department official Lauren Jiloty dated July 20, 2009





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24 08 2016

My avatar still will not connect to a server. I keep writing wordpress about this and nothing happens. I changed the name once (big mistake) from Dublinmick to Dublinsmick. It goes back to dublinmick, this blog is cancelled.

One reader gets this.


I just wrote them again and said you want me to buy a premium account when you can’t even link my gravatar to the site?

24 08 2016

oh, maybe it’s a Gravatar problem and not a WP problem. Diff co.? Try writing Gravatar.
I finally bookmarked you so I don’t have to type in the url box.

24 08 2016

idea – post some comment in that Before It’s News article on Huma (link is in my comment) with a similar article link of yours. It should bring in some traffic.

25 08 2016

Good idea to organize your Hillary research in a new blog. Better even than a book.

Huma of India and Pakistan origins of course, Saudi ties too

25 08 2016

I already have —

29 08 2016

[Huma’s stand in for husband] Anthony Weiner Pulls Out – Deletes Twitter Account After New Sexting Scandal

29 08 2016

Clinton aide Abedin separating from Weiner after more lewd texts

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