Typhoon Lionrock To Cause Torrential Rainfall, Ground Instability, Warnings for the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Region

29 08 2016

whiteRADblackREDGet ready for MORE FALLOUT!

Mining Awareness +

Typhoon Lionrock trajectory, rain August 29, 30 2016
Green is above average rainfall. Kyodo news has said as much of 500 mm could fall, which is 19.7 inches – torrential rain. One can but hope that this is inaccurate.

Typhoon Lionrock is expected to make landfall to the north of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power station. This is expected to cause “inundation” (flooding) and “ground-loosening”, which will mean even more dumping of radioactive water to the Pacific. And, people had better be concerned about this, because even fairly short-lived radionuclides, like tritium, will be radioactive for longer than you will be alive. Large amounts of rainfall and “ground-loosening” could be detrimental to the stability of the nuclear power station itself. It seems that “ground-loosening” could involve more than landslides per se.

This Pacific Garbage Patch Map Shows Why North America Should be Highly Concerned. World Currents found at the bottom of the page indicate that some of it…

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