Plume-Gate on Early Obama Reaction to Fukushima

30 08 2016

From Strontium Milks –
Obama Lied Said Fukushima Safe Take No Precautions Flies Family to Brazil





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30 08 2016

NIRP: The End Of Europe And Beginning Of World War III

Germany is used again just as it was during World Wars I and II
“Frau Merkel has achieved throughout Europe without firing
a shot, what Hitler had hoped to do during World War II.”

1 09 2016

As per your concern: I am able to see blog posts.

12 09 2016
Trowbridge H. Ford

The lies about Fukushima are now catching up to Japanese PM Abe too.

Former PM Koizumi has attacked the government comprehensively about its claims and handling of the consequencies of the Tohoku earthquake, showing that he thinks it was much more than just a natural disaster.

Looks like payback for wanting to get rid of its New Democracy government is starting to plague relations with Washington.

26 09 2016

Japan and China playing chicken with each other today with fighter jets…

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