Whole Earth Endangered by Mad Scientists, Jay Cullen, of Uranium U, and Ken Buesseler, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Brave Explorer Who Called Them Out CONVICTED in Uranium-Friendly Canadian Court.

23 09 2016

A travesty of gigantic proportions. Evidently the bar in Canada has NO MAN among them as Dana could not obtain legal help for this urgent free speech case of importance to all humanity.



The Japan Times Canada activist found guilty of harassing scientists over Fukushima fallout

A Canadian environmental activist who waged a sustained online campaign against two prominent marine scientists was found guilty of criminal harassment by a court in Victoria, British Columbia, on Thursday.

The court heard that Dana Durnford, 54, threatened violence against Jay Cullen, of the University of Victoria, and Ken Buesseler, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, and accused them of underplaying the extent of damage to Pacific ecosystems from the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Durnford was sentenced to three years’ probation. . . . (more)



Dana Durnford Arrested For Speaking His Mind. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute AND A University Get Him Arrested

Uranium U. and Unscrupulous Faux-Scientists Wish We Would Quit Talkin’ About Fukushima Radiation Hitting the Pacific Northwest. And They Wish Even More Dana Durnford Wasn’t a MAN but a little puffy kitten like THEM!

Ken Buesseler is looking for no answers on radiation contamination in the Pacific

Woods Hole Sh*ts in Pants — Scrubs Data on Pacific Radiation

Jay Cullen Kevorkian of Fukushima – Strontium Milks


Who is checking the NE Pacific for Fukushima radiation and who is not

No Free Speech in Canada: Professor with Nuclear-Uranium Mining-Govt Ties Has Disabled Man Arrested and Put in Jail


Academics Under the TEPCO Spell ($$$$)



Nuclear Meltdown: Releasing radiation and containing the truth

Mass Mortality among Rocky Shore Invertebrates across 100 km of Northeastern Pacific Coastline- Peer Reviewed Article

Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On Oceans Part 1
Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On Oceans Part 2


Nuke pro – a whale article compilation


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23 09 2016

They are fake scientists. Even if accurate or appropriately done the samples aren’t statistically significant in number. Nonetheless, the August 15, 2015 sample of 2 Bq Cs 134 is a lot. Half-life of 2 years means that to March 2015 it would have originally been 8 Bq of Cs 134. So to August 15th would be something like 10 Bq per m3 (1000 liters) which is 1 Bq per liter. Considering the size of the ocean, and the presence of other radionuclides, it’s a lot. Cs 137 was 5 Bq: https://web.archive.org/web/20160923191246/https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1UWg8t_QsnKxdgV31f7GabQO32wc If Cs 137 is really 5 Bq then probably the Cs 134 is partly more recent origin from the ongoing leaks.
Maybe Cullen and Buessler should interview a few people or even fish about how they feel about the radiation in water since they don’t want to do anything that is statistically significant.

23 09 2016

They would interfere with their career path, publishing deals, pensions and overall personal wealth.
What’s extinction of all mammals on Earth compared to that?

25 09 2016

Anthropological research is often just a few interviews and not statistically significant – qualitative. Cullen appears to have been trained in how to test – a sort of low level vo-tech. It is neither qualitative nor quantitative – neither quality nor quantity. Dana did both detailed qualitative analysis and quantitative.

23 09 2016

Someone pointed out that there have been no calls for the Guardian columnist to be thrown in jail for this: http://www.thecanary.co/2016/09/22/guardian-columnist-calls-for-crowdfunded-assassination-of-jeremy-corbyn-images/ (Jeremy Corbyn is head of the British Labour Party)

23 09 2016

or any of hundreds of online screeds by famous people against Obama or this or that politician….

23 09 2016
25 09 2016

Thanks. Oh, I did see this. It is among around a dozen very important things which I didn’t get posted this week. Then I forget.

25 09 2016

and I am bogged down here with cleaning up my computer!

27 09 2016
28 09 2016

The Water Next Time: Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken By Steve Kolowich FEBRUARY 02, 2016

29 09 2016
29 09 2016

Google Translate:
Individual newspaper desk Yasushi Onuma
Such as information and column of international politics and economy and culture. Education-related information, annex blog ⇒ to “education reform information”
September 2016

The catastrophe of the [Fukuichi Super nuclear disaster sixth year of truth] ◇ “3 · 11”, what the expression “Japan’s earthquake and tsunami drill = exercises (Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill)” (notation) – US NRC (nuclear regulatory Commission of the lower organizations, NRR (obviously in the internal mail of the reactor regulatory authority)! ★ what I wonder was “exercises” and “3-11”? or, just a macho designation?


★ NRC is dispatched a team of experts in Tokyo, who support the TEPCO, the Japanese government!

“3 · 11” For there is also a conspiracy theory by artificial earthquake, but expression that could lead to misunderstanding and “exercises”.

NRC also initially a “3-11”, because I was thinking lightly, naming insider information-intensive (TAC), probably was like this then.

This is my preliminary judgment.

※ technical assignment control (TAC)


[★ is Onuma] ◎ WordPress.com weblog: BOMBSHELL: U.S. Did a “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami” DRILL on March 11, 2011 !!
(Big news the United States had carried out the “Japan, earthquake and tsunami exercises” on March 11, 2011!)
(June 2, dated 2016) ⇒ https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/bombshell/


◎ NRC “Fukuichi” Mail (284 pages) ⇒ http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1117/ML11175A278.pdf

◎ NRR wiki ⇒ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Nuclear_Reactor_Regulation

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29 09 2016

… oh, I got it …

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