Again: Was Bernie Campaign a Fake?

25 09 2016

NEW: Cameron legacy ‘a bit of a tragedy’: Bernie Sanders’ brother Larry who launched MP bid speaks to RT

earlier post – Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate





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17 11 2016

Booman Tribune (Apr 4th, 2016)

Bernie, Diana Rogalle & Ryan Hughes

by Steven D

“My March 25th story that alleged Ryan Hughes, Bernie Sanders’ state director for his campaign in Michigan, took money from Super Pacs associated with Hillary Clinton, was based for the most part on Mark Craig’s statements to me. This follow-up report, which names Diana Rogalle, a prominent Democratic consultant and fundraiser, as Mark Craig’s source for that claim is, in like manner, also primarily based on statements made by Mr. Craig, as supplemented by my own independent online and offline research.”

21 11 2016

Bernie betrayed all liberals and progressives .

21 11 2016

I hope he enjoys his new mansion. Prick.

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