The role Jay Cullen and Ken Buesseler played in the Fukushima catastrophe cover-up deserves the ultimate penalty – Yoichi Shimatsu and Jeff Rense discuss the persecution of Dana Durnford

27 09 2016

GRNbullet  They were on the radio show speaking without Dana present.

Jay and Ken compared to Goebbels.

A case can be made for scientists who twist science to harm the public being prosecuted and receiving a death penalty for it. Discussion of history is now banned in Canada it seems.

Jay and Ken “win in court” at the cost of their souls which they sold to the nuke industry long ago.
How can the public protect themselves from psychopaths like these who use their credentials to cover for a mass extermination enterprise we know as the nuclear industry?
How, exactly did the tall and seemingly fit Jay Cullen feel physically threatened by short and disabled Dana Durnford when he showed up asking Jay to defend his “no harm from radiation in the Pacific” theory?

Isn’t it true he was not afraid of a beat down by Dana but was afraid his lies would receive wide exposure on Dana’s You Tube channel and many interviews on radio and podcasts?

Isn’t it true that Jay Cullen couldn’t cover up devastating harm to sea life and shore life on the British Columbia coast without shutting up Dana Durnford who exposed it irrefutably?

Why does marine chemist, Ken Buesseler pretend to be a marine biologist KenBisntand expert on radiation? A high school student would know the difference between natural radiation levels in things like bananas and the unbelievably poisonous effects of man-made isotopes which do not exist in nature.
Where are the nuclear scientists?
Not one of them has come forward to evaluate the after effects of the multiple, unabated Fukushima melt downs and melt outs.

As a worker in a facility run by Navy Intelligence and crawling with spooks how could Massachusetts based Ken Buesseler feel threatened by short, disabled Dana Durnford way over in British Columbia?
Did he think he would use ESP? A drone? Trained vampire bats? What is fearful Ken Buesseler so worried about? He only lied since day one about Fukushima effects and denied radiation was affecting the Pacific Ocean.

Does he think it’s the public he has to be fearful of as his years of lies come apart and the ocean spits out its dead on beaches from British Columbia to Chile?

Does he think it is only Dana Durnford who uses harsh language for insider-knowledge possessing scientists and nukers who lie to the public?

Does Ken Buesseler know that gagging Dana Durnford and censoring his videos and photographs of dead tidal pools and fishless coves around Haida Gwaii and British Columbia will not stop people world wide from talking about it?
Do Ken Buesseler and Jay Cullen think we don’t know they had a hand in physical assaults on Dana Durnford, house break in, boat vandalism, robbery, nearly fatal car sabotage, computer attacks destroying thousands of dollars of his equipment? Their participation in this bogus complaint facilitated real attacks on Dana while in transit to Victoria for court appearances.

RoyalHands –  What role did the crown play in the rigged court case and judge switch-out?

Will critics of badly made vaccines be next in line for gag orders?



So, Jay and Ken, you shut Dana up for 3 years and busted his finances. Now do you feel unafraid? Everything comfy?

Do you think we will all shut up?
Jay and Ken, do you think we will all shut up?

Skull_SymbolsLine1 | the radio show (9-26-16) [AUDIO FILE]

Also seeWhole Earth Endangered by Mad Scientists, Jay Cullen, of Uranium U, and Ken Buesseler, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Brave Explorer Who Called Them Out CONVICTED in Uranium-Friendly Canadian Court.

Ken Beusseler’s Double Life

Victoria Court Doesn’t Know What to do with Dana – Declares Bananas Miracle Fuel-of-the-Future!


#uvicstooge DDpp




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27 09 2016
A Green Road Project

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27 09 2016
27 09 2016

Probably a company town.

27 09 2016

This is where Jay Cullen, prof. at U. Vict, BC, grew up! You know, the metals in plankton expert, who doesn’t seem to be testing for radionuclides in plankton. Did he miss that most radionuclides are metals? Cadmium and lead, which he has studied, are heavy metals, as are uranium and plutonium. Uranium eventually becomes lead. You know, Jay Cullen, the guy who seems to think that a man in a wheelchair venting his frustration about Fukushima constitutes a danger to himself. You know the guy who appears clueless about sampling, since he seems to think that a handful of water samples tells us something. That assumes that he’s even sampling the right thing. Then he gives himself airs about people who criticize him and accuses them of being scientific illiterates. You know the guy who no one had ever heard of anyway, and most of us wish we hadn’t. Jay Cullen needs to man up and drop the charges against a disabled man who has tried to do the research (for free) that Cullen doesn’t seem to be doing for $630,000. Where is that money going? $75,000 for a machine doesn’t account for the rest. Isn’t that what his mentor Buesseler (WHOI) said it cost? If he’s paying WHOI $600 per sample, it still doesn’t add up because there are so few samples.

Jay Cullen probably went to school at that elementary school. That might be why he thinks a little bit of radiation isn’t harmful. Maybe that’s why he sends school kids out to get Pacific water samples to check for radiation, though it would be interesting to know what his $630,000 is being spent on. If he’s using volunteers, and testing so few samples, where is the rest going?

27 09 2016

other topic – were you looking for this article? Link inside the post –

27 09 2016


27 09 2016

It looks like Dana wasn’t kidding when he mentioned the Star Chamber …

27 09 2016

of interest –

(she is looking at the RSOE map)

27 09 2016

“the ocean spits out its dead “

27 09 2016

I just ran across an article about why it’s hard to tell how many really die in oil spills. But, after storms a lot of dead (probably from Sellafield or the UK reactors) were coming up from the Irish Sea onto shore.

On the death penalty issue, I still say that there is too much of a manpower shortage for nuclear clean-up and that they should be sent to dig a tunnel to look for the lost Fukushima corium or work at other nuclear sites. It is unfair that it’s the homeless in Japan and welfare to work people – often women at Savannah River Site. For WIPP it’s probably illegals who get dumped back across the border. I say send them to work. Death penalty would be letting them off too easy, as well.

27 09 2016

I say send CEOs of GE, Mitsubishi, Westinghouse etc. and DoE and EPA top honchos – the ones making 60k+ all of them.

Send them.
It’s so harmless … they shouldn’t be afraid. 10 years hard labor should be a cinch. No worries about dropping dead within a week. Nukes are harmless.

27 09 2016

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