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12 10 2016

There is LOTS of news!

But we cannot report due to our computer breaking down.

The problem will be fixed in a few days so please USE THE RIGHT SIDEBAR for news and updates.



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13 10 2016
Trowbridge H. Ford

How about something on the Pentagon heating up Hurricane Matthew to improve Hillary’s election chances in the USA’s southeastern states?


13 10 2016

OK. I have excellent Gulf of Mexico weather mod video from the storm before Matthew (cause Louisiana flooding) on my other blog, the Bugle.
I would like to do a split screen with Red Pill/Blue Pill versions of Matthew with official version vid on one side and that other vid on the other side. But the format would be too wide for my blog to show it well.

I will have to wait for my new computer before doing it. In a day or two.


13 10 2016

Strontium Milks (YuT00b channel) had a really good video up when Matthew started… before hitting Haiti.
Plus – did you know it hit Haiti on their election day (cancelled).
Jeff Rense said watch Fed aid quickly flow to the SE swing states after the storm.


13 10 2016

this has the good weather mod video – around the Gulf … very good footage —


14 10 2016

Biden not running discussed in WikiLeaks new e-mail dump. His chief of staff did something to block his run. But what?
At about 34 min. mark here (he gives date and to from info of the mail)


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