Brutal Military-Style Police Raid on Dakota Pipeline Prayers

22 10 2016

Here Comes the Sun – Uncategorized Brutal Military-Style Police Raid Ends Native American Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline With Pepper-Spray and Machine Guns

North Dakota police have just imposed police state tactics on Native American water protectors with military-style equipment surrounding a prayer gathering against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline on Wednesday.

“ND authorities deploy armed personnel with shotguns and assault rifles, military vehicles, and aerial spray on peaceful Water Protectors gathered in prayer,” wrote the Sacred Stone Camp, in a Facebook post. . . . (more)




3 responses

23 10 2016

Very seldom is it laid out in such detail.

8 12 2016
Once Written

There is a little more to this than what the public is told. Read my latest post on it.

14 12 2016

I think it is this post

Since some blogs on my sidebar like Dandelion Salad are doing the Dakota story I am skipping it.

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