Weirdie WikiLeaks UFO Item

25 10 2016

We haven’t posted anything weird lately so here goes –

From Joseph Farrell’s Giza Death Star


” . . . . John Podesta arranged a meeting with astronaut Edgar Mitchell to discuss the US government disclosing information to the public on aliens, according to emails leaked by WikiLeaks. The meeting was described as a prelude to involving President Barack Obama in the discussion.

“Our government is still operating from outdated beliefs and policies” Mitchell wrote in the email from 2014, in which he requested “a conversation with you and President Obama regarding the next steps in extraterrestrial disclosure for the benefit of our country and our planet. . .  .  . “

myfavmartianUgh! Do we need Hillary Clinton teaming up with ETs?  She would probably contact them to make them donate to her stupid slush-fund, the Clinton Foundation. They would probably have to fork over a billion dollars in gold just to get her on the phone. Even then they’d have to go through her flunkie, Huma.







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25 10 2016

Thanks to The Breakaway blog for this item –

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