Why Robert Redford is Afraid of Dana Durnford

26 10 2016


It’s all about the money.

Last week, solitary, barely-funded, independent journalist and mariner, Dana Durnford made an appeal to Robert Redford to help fund his chronicling of the effects of Fukushima radiation on the coast and waters off British Columbia.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/jzus2k5TOWE

But Robert Redford is helpless. He takes money from the pro-nuke fake enviro group funder, The Tides Foundation. They fund his stuff.
Robert Redford And Meryl Streep Narrate Documentary On Environmental Movement
– – – from the bottom of the puff piece:







One response

26 10 2016

Still worth laying down the challenge to Robert Redford. Redford did stand up against WIPP years ago, which is probably the source of Dana’s hope.
So basically Warren Buffett hedges his bets metaphorically and perhaps literally? Wrong Kind of Green dot org says they want to use Small Modular Reactors in the Bakken Crude – I had read that for the tar sands. http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/10/28/keystone-xl-the-art-of-ngo-discourse-2/
Snake River Alliance is also taking money from Tides. Even though Idaho National Lab is the major promoter of nuclear and has already contaminated bleak eastern Idaho, they have managed to make sure they get stuck with no high level waste. Snake River Alliance has the blinkered idea that someone wants their low level waste. Idaho is cool, arid and underpopulated. The pretty non-arid part to the west actually does have a small nuke dump. But, the ugly contaminated Mormon part wants the high level high paying jobs but none of the waste – similar to Los Alamos but worse.

The Bronfman at the head of Tides is worth investigating. I didn’t find anything special in my old book “City for Sale” by Henry Aubin. Someone alleged a tie with Lansky, which I guess given the origin of their family fortune (Seagrams) in bootlegging makes sense.

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