Watts Bar ‘New’ Reactor Blows After Just 4 Days

26 10 2016

Mining Awareness:whiteRAD88

 America’s Pre-Rotted “New” Nuclear Reactor Not Working: Power at Zero Percent; Commercial Ops for Watts Bar 2 Lasted Only Four Days! Apparent SCRAM

EXTRA: US NRC PR Person Lazy or Engaged in Cover-up of the Offline Status of Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor 2




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26 10 2016

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2 11 2016

People need to comment on this. It still can be anonymous. And there is no spam. It will be the end of having a record, I think: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/tell-us-nrc-to-keep-monitoring-nuclear-workers-for-drugs-and-alcohol-deadline-friday-4th-nov-11-59-et/

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