BREAKING NEWS: FBI Has 650,000 Emails On Weiner and Abedin Laptop Linked to Clinton’s Email Server

30 10 2016

H. A. Goodman –


SOURCE – The Hill FBI to review 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop: report
By Jessie Hellmann


♦ Oct. 28 – Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit for FBI Records on Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch – press release




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30 10 2016

quite a good report ….
Donald Trump Rally – Man Screams “Jew.S.A” is a Paid Shill – George Lindell

30 10 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on AGR Daily News Service.

31 10 2016
31 10 2016
Trowbridge H. Ford

Let’s face it, this is another”October Surprise”, engineered by Hillary’s opponents.

Comey is on a fishing trip coup which Obama is unwlling to stop by firing him, hoping to find evidence of Hillary being a female abuser of drugged sex slave Cathy O’Brien..

Read Trance Forrnation of America for the background of this covert coup.

31 10 2016

thanks for that bit.
I am storing all of these bits on this thread –

2 11 2016

on that theme …
(creepy PHOTOS)

2 11 2016
Trowbridge H. Ford

Now Comey has had the Bureau release papers about Bill Clinton’s pardon of Israeli sleaze bag and arms dealer Marc Rich for which he received $450,000 from his wife for the Clinton Library., though there is no mention of the paired one to Al Schwimmer at the same time.

It was all part of Iran-Contra where Clinton helped operations in Arkansas, and hoped to be finally rewarded for it, Rich helping collect the weapons, and Schwimmer seeing their shipment through Sweden, on the way to Tehran.

The only problem was that its PM Olof Palme refused to claim that the HAWK missile were for Swedeb’s use so that Colin Powell’s Pentagon would replace them with better ones for Israel.

Schwimmer was convicted for his role in the process by Special Counsel Lawrence Walsh, but there was no mention of it in Clinton’s pardon. He was given a clean bill of health for helping provide the Israeli Air Force with help during the first years of its establishment, though he was never charged nor convicted of having done so.

Things are always more complicated than they appear, and Comey is going on in spades, given the lack of context.

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