Obama’s personal e-mail address – from KENYA

2 11 2016


We don’t know what this means ….

President Barack Obama’s Personal KENYAN Gmail Account Exposed Podesta Emails 26 – #42474

LINK –  http://youtu.be/j_yVDPGtOZQ

HIS ADDY:– –   BarackH@gmail.co.ke

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4 11 2016

Doesn’t it mean what I’ve long said that he means to move to Kenya to get far away from the nuclear wasteland that he has contributed to (and is still contributing to) in the US? The President’s utility, Exelon, just bought up Fitzpatrick which Entergy wanted to close. Three Japanese reactors are about to be built now in Florida. His administration has been bringing in nuclear waste from abroad since at least 2012, maybe since 2008 – whenever his Prague speech on “non-proliferation” was held. Americans need to make sure he isn’t allowed to take his over $200,000 per year retirement with him.
I think that’s why he was visiting with the Queen and all while he could do so, rather than Africa. He will have the rest of his life to be in Africa.

5 11 2016

Dana’s new one –

6 11 2016

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