Were Nuclear Power Station Piping Problems Fixed at Hunterston B in Scotland? Is it even Possible?

9 11 2016

These photos need wide distribution!

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In 2012 there was a “Discovery of problems with planned pipework routes during installation of the new nitrogen system tie-ins to the Reactor 3 pressure vessel” at French State owned (EDF) Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station in Scotland. Was this problem ever rectified? All that could be found is the following statement: “the proposed pipe work layout created operational difficulties and EDF NGL decided to complete the connection to the existing system and the tie-ins were duly installed, but postpone full installation pending a new layout design following a return to service.” (UK Office for Nuclear Regulation – see more below). Also, could it be rectified without total reconstruction of this old nuclear power station?

On 3 December 1977 The Times reported that seawater had entered the reactor through a modification of the secondary cooling system. Was the bypass ever repaired? (See more below.)

These photos…

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