Electric Fire at Indian Point Nuke Plant

10 11 2016


The Journal News Indian Point: Electrical fault is being investigated at one nuke plant

oldNPPsm(N.Y.) BUCHANAN – An electrical glitch(!!) involving a cable(that connected 2 huge nuclear reactors that are just miles from Manhattan) caused a small fire Tuesday morning at the Indian Point Energy Center nuclear power plant 2.

NRC, Riverkeeper React to Electric Fire at Indian Point

The Indian Point nuclear power plant experienced an electrical fire on a cable running between the two reactors on Tuesday.

The Unusual Event – the lowest of four levels of emergency classification used by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission – was declared by control room operators at Unit 2.

Mining Awareness Explosion-Fire at Nuclear Power Station Near New York City on Election Day Due to Equipment Failure

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10 11 2016

“NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said their resident inspectors on-site heard the bushing fail and then observed the response to the fire. They will continue to follow up on the company’s repairs.”

10 11 2016

there’s lots and lots of nuke waste also at Indian Point – stored above ground.

10-17-16 – Entergy wins $34.5 million from feds in court ruling in nuclear waste case

10 11 2016
10 11 2016

added to the post …. 🙂

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