The World Shrugs at Spoiled Americans’ Vote Disappoinment

12 11 2016

Al-JazeeraSpoiled Americans now want to flee what they created
The reactions of many Americans to the Trump victory is a symptom of their political immaturity.

” . . . These reactions make one pause and wonder how long these same people would last under the Arab and African dictatorships and occupiers the US has propped up and maintained positive ties with over the years.”




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12 11 2016
The World Shrugs at Spoiled Americans’ Vote Disappoinment — flying cuttlefish picayune | An Alchemist's Journey....

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12 11 2016
The World Shrugs at Spoiled Americans’ Vote Disappoinment | flying cuttlefish picayune | AGR Daily News Service

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12 11 2016

While I agree that it’s late to protest the electoral college after the fact, the author there is symptom of the problem in many ways. The author isn’t even speaking from the Middle East but from the US so what does she know of suffering? Maybe she should write about that? Spoiled seems to be speaking of herself. Maybe it’s good for Americans to learn that it’s funny that everyone is allowed to come into the US but Americans aren’t allowed to leave. No exit. People still don’t understand the shift in US immigration policy that occurred with H1B visas. Who is propping up the US regime?

It’s not “white power” to want the right to work in one’s own country. The opposite is true. It’s the dumping of overseas foreigners for 50 years who are given minority status which has kept black Americans from getting their rights. The same 1965 immigration law also worked against Mexican immigration rights. Current immigration policy works against black Americans, white Americans, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans. Trump was misquoted and he was right that they need to stop visas from certain countries for days, weeks or months. That’s all he said on Muslims.

Americans and the British did protest the second Gulf War en masse and some protested the first, but the author of the article probably couldn’t see around her veil if she was even born. The protests were not only street protests but political party members begging the politicians they put in power to vote against the war, letters and other subtle protests. Once again, who rules America?

Americans who voted for Trump largely did so as a protest against overseas war.

Americans fought in the Revolutionary war and had to fight again in the War of 1812 to consolidate their victory against Britain, though one suspects they lost. Americans did fight in the Civil War and Americans were forced to fight in Europe’s 2 wars. Parts of the US were devastated during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War and Europe was still rebuilding until the 80s or 90s. The Whitehouse was burned by the British in the War of 1812. Brothers were forced to fight brothers in Tennessee during the Civil War. The US didn’t take half of Europe in after WWII, so why do they need to take in the entire Middle East? Canada did let some Vietnam war draft dodgers in. Anyway, it’s patent BS that the US doesn’t know what it’s like to suffer, and the Middle East and Africa were fxcked up by Europe long ago and some argue that they were squabbling amongst themselves long before. There was a lot of suffering in earlier proxy wars such as Iran vs. Iraq, too. Most join the military to pay for their educations or joined the National Guard to help their country and never expected to be sent into an overseas war. The US long gave scholarships to foreigners while denying them to their own citizens unless they joined the military.

Talk to old Vietnam Vets and some recent Vets. They mostly didn’t choose to go and they suffer greatly too.

The 1965 immigration law also put Latin Americans in a disadvantageous positon. Even before this foreigners were coming and taking social science jobs from Americans. Does America really need foreign social scientists who don’t even speak or write English, along with science and Math professors who don’t? Who promote veiling of women and segregation of the sexes and races? Yes, believe it or not I knew someone from India at a US university who wanted blacks and whites, men and women to study separately. If you read about how racist India is it will come as no surprise. The person is currently teaching the rubbish at a US university. Universities set the ideological agenda. This occupation of professional jobs has sped up since the H1B visas came in but was somehow going on before. I just read an article by a Middle Eastern sociologist who still hasn’t learned to write English after over 50 years and who taught poli sci too even while American poli sci Ph.Ds couldn’t find work. His areas of expertise had nothing to do with the Middle East.

Canada won’t let American spouses of Canadians in, nor vice versa – maybe if they stay in the long line behind all of the Asians they can. NAFTA doesn’t allow movement between jobs, nor for spousal migration – meaning that an American married to a Canadian can’t even go live there, nor vice versa. It only allows jobs to leave.

Meanwhile, Asians with Asian spouses have been able to get both US and Canadian work permits. It has to be bribery. For auto industry jobs in Canada (former Detroit jobs), jobs that would pay $50,000 US were paying $30,000 in Canada and people from India were faxing in offers to work for $10,000 shortly after NAFTA came in. Unless Mexico has changed, nothing happens without bribery.

I just had a long discussion with someone whose son tried to get a foreigner in from a “friendly” country for 3 years to visit on a fiance visa. The foreign fiance was a Christian from the Philippines. So, how did the California terrorist get his Muslim fiance in? Bribery? Or does Obama have an anti-Christian agenda as alleged?

The 1965 US immigration law was designed to let Asians in (including and especially from the Indian subcontinent) so that the US gov didn’t have to apply Affirmative Action to African Americans but could hire brown people from India and Pakistan or Asians instead. Probably it also took pressure off of Britain who had promised to let all of the colonies migrate and in the end wouldn’t even let Maltese who fought for the Queen in WWII come – instead they were all told to go to Australia or Canada. In other words colony to colony migration was allowed, but the British couldn’t even get their non-British spouses into Britain and were forced to Australia or Canada.

From my understanding, the Bible requires veiling of married women Christians, at least to pray, but the Koran does not. The west should be letting in those women who are attacked for not veiling. America was designed to protect religous minorities, not religious majorities. I have studied with devout and non-devout Muslim women who did not veil and who cut their hair short in protest just to make sure their point got across. Also, Muslim men whose sisters dressed in western style. I have also studied with one who moved to France to marry her French boyfriend because they weren’t allowed to marry in Algeria, even though both lived there. And, have studied with Middle Eastern Christians who didn’t veil. These are the women who get acid thrown in their faces or are attacked with knives and need protection. Those who veil do not need protection any more than European women did in the World Wars or American women in the Civil Wars.

I have come to a bit of peace with the veiling through realization that it’s probably because they just don’t want to wash their hair. Christian Europeans used to wear scarves in the wintertime as late as the early 80s but don’t do so anymore for they don’t wish to be labeled. Veiling is fine to me where men and women both veil. That is called culture. Women veiling and men not is called sexism and Islamic extremism.

Immigrants from the Middle East and sometimes Asia pull out all the stops to get other students and professors to do their work for them and to get funding and to sometimes get undeserved grades. Being nice people Americans always try to help and often pay in their own schoolwork and jobs. I’ve seen this over the course of half a century as a student and as a professor, and as the child of a student and professor, and my spouse had the same experiences. Exceptionally, I’ve also been helped in my work by a refugee from southeast Asia, but I’ve lost more than I ever gained due to US immigration policy. The same is true for my father and grandfather.

However, even if every immigrant is nice there are limitations in space and the world is overpopulated and jobs are limited.


12 11 2016

Oh, also very important is that the 1965 law and H1B work against women as well as blacks. Employees can hire men from India or China instead of white women as a “minority”, and they can hire women from India, China, etc. instead of black women. The real racists hate black people and women. This is probably exacerbated by the Southern Baptists and Mormons not allowing women to teach men!

14 11 2016


“Spoiled Americans now want to flee what they created”

I heard Canada is beefing up their border against hordes of fleeing movie stars and supreme court justices. An APB has been issued for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

14 11 2016

Mexico’s building a wall to keep Hollywood out!

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