Hillary’s Health: Does She Have Kuru?

21 11 2016


Don’t laugh. This is NO JOKE.

Kuru Information Page : “Kuru is a rare and fatal brain disorder that occurred at epidemic levels during the 1950s-60s among the Fore people in the highlands of New Guinea. The disease was the result of the practice of ritualistic cannibalism among the Fore, in which relatives prepared and consumed the tissues (including brain) of deceased family members.”

Spotlight: Why Cannibalism is Bad for You

” . . . Once in the brain, prions degrade neurological function and cause the symptoms of kuru: tremors, loss of balance, and headaches. The incubation period ranges between a few years and as long as 60 years, but once symptoms start in someone, they usually have only a few years left to live. The spongiform component of kuru is a visceral depiction of the physical effect the disease imprints on the brain: it leaves your gray matter as cratered as a sponge.”

#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC – Titus Frost

8:52 mark> LINK –  https://youtu.be/beqdw19Uj6E





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24 11 2016

Reddit CEO is a cannibal –

1 12 2016

Dr Ishii Shiro Of Japan Introduces Kuru (Mad Cow) To Manchuria And Then The Fore Tribe Of New Guinea (Unknown Holocaust)


6 12 2016

11 12 2016

10 12 2016

12 12 2016

14 12 2016
Hillary Health – She Looks Like Hitler in His Final Days | flying cuttlefish picayune

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15 12 2016

A possible reason for the elites’ obsession with cannibalism: Hunter S. Thompson says human glands are the ultimate source of drugs.

7 02 2017

Globalist working hard to make sure their human snacks dont give them Prion Disease.

article –

alt. link –

The comments in the voat post have the full content of the article.

13 03 2018
Hillary’s Health – She fell again | flying cuttlefish picayune

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