Clinton Body Count Twist

22 11 2016



PR agent hired to represent Clinton and Seth Rich’s family. Why? Who needs a PR agent if they tell the truth?

PR Agent Brad Bauman has just been hired to represent Hillary Clinton and the HillaryGunner5parents of Seth Rich. Seth Rich is the young DNC staffer who was found in Washington shot twice in the back.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has hinted that Rich was his source for the information that got Debbie Wasserman Shultz to step down from the DNC. . . .

Lot’s more on the firm here – – –

( DATE: Aug. 14 )

Seth Rich Murder – PR Puzzler …

” . . . . To date, the only statements being released by the family of Seth Rich are from Brad Bauman. Odd that they would hire a PR agent to represent them as opposed to a family attorney, rabbi or friend which is more commonly done in times of grief. Odd that this PR agent is in DC not Omaha where the family lives. Odd that this PR agent seems sorely lacking in any clients. Odd that this PR agent is so non-transparent in his website, Facebook and Linkedin Profiles. Odd that their webpage doesn’t even say what they do? Odd that Mr Joel Rich (Seth’s father) would have found Pastorum Group – simply randomly. Odd the associations and previous employment of the two founders of Pastorum Group entrenched in Hillary – Obama and Bernie.”




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3 12 2016

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