On America’s Missing Children and #pizzagate

8 12 2016

2000 American children, kidnapped daily

#pizzagate may have been unhelpful for those named by the scandal but there are some positives we can take.
By Tommi I. Parton

” . . . The USA has an epidemic of child kidnappings/missing. 2000 definitely does sound to be a lot but let me present it to you in a slightly more unnerving way. 2000 isn’t personal enough just yet. 2/100. Look again, 2/100 that’s how many children are taken in a year. nearly 800,000 according to the NCMEC. Think about your last Christmas trip to the mall. Did you see 200 children? In the next year, 4 of them are going to go missing. “





One response

8 12 2016

sent in –
“90+% of the kidnapped kids are returned within 24 hrs and almost all of them were kidnapped by a relative, prob the other parent.. the 800,000 missing kids-how many of them are found right away? ”

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