Criminally Negligent WIPP Managers Dismiss Their Crimes and Plan New Ones

17 12 2016


Strontium Milks –


redskullAt 17:17 min. mark they go on and on listing, with no remorse, their flagrant violations of procedure and law at WIPP and breezily boast they are getting ready to do it all over again.





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17 12 2016
A Green Road Project

Reblogged this on AGR Daily News Service.

20 12 2016

I like this video about effects of rads on health, DNA plus a lot about cell phone damage ….

17 12 2016

WIPP…! Years I’ve been compiling data to present. Anyone with even a little knowledge of geologic formations, will see this – Love Canal like – toxic waste dump self exposing its corrupt Corporate agenda…!

They say it is closed: Shut Down… Yet, it is still a failing vault which was not emptied when this highly unstable repository was created and begun to be filled with nuclear wastes.!
First off, salt caverns do not shied radio-nucleotides.
Next they hollowed out the – Storage facility – lacking proper shoring like the worst of coal mines, moving forward with no regard for the integrity of the substructure.
Storage caskets… Don’t get me started!
The last time I looked they were Fracking within a mile of the central region of the repository. In other words, adjacent and probably under the installation…!

Zoom in on this generic Google Maps image. They are Fracking closer than the last I looked. Link:,-103.7958586,17861m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8830e5cae55ca943:0xa15022872190c36f!8m2!3d32.3715169!4d-103.7936699

At least Rocky Flats isn’t collapsing on itself. Mind you, not that there is a safe place on earth to house – The Death of Life – forever!

No, we’re not going to send it into space! That’s like Russian Roulette with nuclear blasts as the losing shot!

Walter Russell expressed the Atomics Psyop well ahead of his time and further wrote – Atomic Suicide. This is another of the endless Eugenics Operations humanity must work to negate its furtherance.

17 12 2016

I agree … built to fail on purpose!

17 12 2016

Well stated…

17 12 2016

Leuren Moret has a lot on it …

20 12 2016

also – on that theme –

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