Jesuits Have Seized The White House

20 12 2016


More on CERN and bloodlines at the bottom of this recent post –
Pew Charitable Trust and CF – PART 2 – and it’s a DOOZY!

 See Also – Bloodlines and Messy History







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20 12 2016

Satanism, the Vatican, and Georgetown University

20 12 2016

21 12 2016

“It’s one of the most powerful and advanced telescopes in the world – and it uses the fierce power of LUCIFER to capture images of planets outside our solar system and peer back toward the beginning of time.

The Large Binocular Telescope, or LBT, perched atop the Mount Graham International Observatory in southeastern Arizona, contains an immensely powerful tool that allows humans to observe the faintest and most distant objects in the heavens.

Those objects can be detected with the help of LUCIFER – a beastly set of super-cooled, near-infrared cameras also known as Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.

The first camera, LUCIFER I, was fitted to the telescope in 2010. According to some reports, LUCIFER II is set to be installed as early as this year.”

22 12 2016
30 05 2017

They seized it about the time of George Washington didn’t they? 🙂

30 05 2017

maybe, or after whiskey rebellion …

30 05 2017
Jesuits Have Seized The White House | Here Comes The Sun

[…] flyingcuttlefish. […]

30 05 2017
Jesuits Have Seized The White House | Dublinmick's Breaking News

[…] flyingcuttlefish. […]

1 06 2017
Jesuits Have Seized The White House – Phelan Farms

[…] flyingcuttlefish. […]

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