Epstein Update: Jane Doe 1 and 2 Court Victory

21 12 2016

Judge rules the government VIOLATED their rights as crime victims by making a generous deal with the pedophile in secret.

All the details and court documents and exhibits:  https://sli.mg/a/5gXluO

Scroll past the middle for the children’s airline tickets and cruise line room service bills. Plus,  (opinion) this guy is an a- –   – – –  –  : Bruce E. Reinhart



More discussion on voat.co





One response

21 12 2016
Leuren Moret

This is important information and a just outcome for the criminally cheated plaintiffs to have a fair trial in Federal Court, against the chronic lifelong rich pedophile who ruined their lives – and many others. This is typical of “US JUSTICE” especially at the State court level, where the US Constitution is frequently violated and ignored. It also exposes the dirty tricks involving politics and money, that compromise the prosecution of wealthy politically tied defendants. I believe every word in the complaints by the women involved as plaintiffs. The Federal Courts, in contrast to the State courts, are very squeeky clean about upholding the US Constitution in court cases. Not always, but in many cases they do. Another reality at the State level, for ex. in Calif., in the Code of Conduct for Judges, it states that Judges cannot join organizations except for Veterans, and for children’s clubs and organizations “where they have access to young people”. Does this sound like the Paterno/Sandusky youth organization that was one of the biggest pedo operations in the US – with George H.W. Bush at the top of the global pedo operation that included the Univ. of Pennsylvania where Paterno/Sandusky were athletic coaches? Good luck to these young women in their pursuit for Justice, all of them, because if this case is victorious in Federal Court, it will increase the chances for other victims who may also file complaints against Epstein in the future. Leuren

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